Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Two Rabbits and the ETL V

Due to circumstances mostly beyond my control there is just no way I'll finish my ETL V vow. So, I decided to add some detail to the Apostles armor to put some more Meso in their American.  Meet Sergeant Two Rabbits. 

Rabbits were considered to be signs of everything from drunkeness to wild behavior. Much frowned upon, though delicious.  Sergeant Two Rabbits is a bit of an unpredictable character. He's known to be brash and act without thinking.  He also likes his drink. Usually he gets a good buzz going in the Razorback on his way to a fight. Since it has served him well so far, he feels that the great Quetza (the God Emperor) has smiled upon this practice... which is why he had been named for the rabbit in the first place.  Although, the real reason was that his father was outside awaiting the arrival of his son near dusk and when the midwife brought him out to ask what the child's name would be, his father who had been hitting the sauce a bit himself, pointed at two rabbits, doing what friendly rabbits do and said "Look two rabbits" and the baby giggled... or burped or coughed.... but it was a sign

The whole gang is gong to get some detailing, then I plan on taking a break from infantry and building the Razorback.  Also the DOOooomBull is underway.  More on that next time.

Cheers Ya'll


  1. Looks great! Sorry bout the ETL V. I only did that once and it almost killed me!

  2. The glyphs,marking,etc are things I really wanted on these guys and was going to forgo to get the colors on for ETL-V. But knowing I won't finish has taken the pressure off and I'll just run with it now. The squad's Razorback has LOTS of flat surfaces for detailing. :)

    But, yeah.... too much real world, I had forgotten about my wife's short summer, so I have to help he with her classroom, then I'm looking at a second job and I had a suprise freelance gig drop out of the sky.... just no time to give them the attention I want. I'll have to keep that in mind if I do it this time next year and aim smaller.

  3. Real life is the one ETL vow we can't skip :)