Monday, August 29, 2016

The Saga of the Orkkatt: A quickie.

Still struggling with the brittle plastic a bit, but I got some planning done.  Going to start the cockpit tub and pilot tonight and tomorrow, so a "proppa" post inbound Wednesday.  In the meantime, I have a patient.....

My 65lb couch potato has managed to get a bladder infection, so we've been spending a lot of time together. The docs got her on the meds and no stones, so its time to mend.  But, like the recent acquisition of a new job and the latest version of "Master of Orion"(I'm a strategic game addict.... I have a problem), its dug into the hobby time a bit.

As for the Orkkatt, the lads are working out the piddly details. As much as I'd like to do those inset wheels, that may change.  Unlike the Raptor Marines Storm Budgie , with Ork aircraft there can always be plans made on the fly and last minute changes. The Hellcat has a lower wing plane than its predecessor and was a rugged, dependable gun platform. The numbers of which made up for some of its performance shortcomings.  They were credited with 5,223 enemy aircraft, more than any other naval aircraft. Here's a neat pic of a wartime F6F with more than a little battle damage. Talk about a rugged aircraft....

That's it for tonight. Going to get a good night's sleep and hopefully spend a good part of tomorrow in the hobby room.   If you haven't caught it (or clicked on my link at the side), you should check out Greggles Orky Conversions while you are waiting for me to get our pilot together. As always, quality orkiness that would make any Warboss proud! Problem is, Ol' Genrul Rustbutt saw those converted Knights and is now obsessed with getting one.

Cheers Ya'll!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Work in Progress: The Orkkatt!

After a crazy month off from hobby time, sometimes you have to restart with a fresh project. And a clean (ish) desk....

Suddenly, a wild, ancient Hellcat appears....

Seriously, this thing is ancient. The molds are from 1966 (that's older than me) and I'm betting the kit itself is not much younger. Modeled in dark blue plastic, which may or may not have been brittle originally, but sure is now.  The pilot is a bit more than weedy. Boss Lugnutz had to sit him down and tell him a story on the virtues of always wearing your helmet and, if possible, bolting it to ones head..... just to make sure.

Here's a rough size comparison of the fuselage. The BIG difference will be the width. I will definitely have to widen the aircraft to accommodate an ork pilot and cockpit. That job would be tricksy enough with a modern plastic kit. With this brittle old thing it will test my Orky engineering to the limit. Luckily, if it looks slapped together that just makes it more Orky.

To start this adventure I chopped off the tail and thinned it out to make room for the jet engine. You can see the ragged edges and a couple of the cracks I had to re-glue. It looks like the model will become basically a skeleton to hang styrene and/or greenstuff on.

This part will be most of the work. Some of it will have to be cut out to make room for the scratch built cockpit. I'm thinking it will have to be widened by at least a quarter of an inch. One part of the challenge will be keeping everything level so the wings look right when they go in. The other will be to keep the front end from shattering when I cut out the areas for the wheel wells

What I want to do is make wheel wells like the old F3fs or F4fs had, just in front of the wing...

And someday, I'd love to make an Orky biplane, but it won't be this one. Just imagine that with a jet engine!  I confess I did get an F3f kit a while back, but its so tiny at 1/48 scale that it wouldn't work for a 40k Ork jet.  I'm still going to build the kit though.

That's it for now. More plastic card mayhem ahead this coming week. Keep a weather eye open.

Cheers Ya'll!

Monday, August 22, 2016

EeeeYup! I'm BAAaaaack!!

August has officially entered the hall of "hell months" here at Casa D' Rednekk.  Between the new school year and all the little jobs that come with it and an addition of a new job to my own (and the hoops that need to be jumped through for that)..... its been FRIKKIN BUSY!  The next time I even think of doing a painting challenge that involves December or August I have to remember Ronnie's old motto "Just Say NO"

As for the Apostles of Quetza, I have had ZERO hobby time until ....well, basically tonight.  They stand where we last left them. I'll be picking away at painting those chaps as we move into the Fall.  In the meantime, I have acquired a couple 1/48 scale World War Two era fighter plane models from an old chum that found them in a dusty closet.  Not all of them are the best of kits, a couple are darned near as old as me... or at least their molds are.  But...... I have a gang of Ork Meks on hand that are FAR from picky. Hehehehehehehe.....

 I just LOVE World War 2 airplanes. I used to do the regional airshows as a young man and wasted many a roll of film (yeah.... it was that long ago) on pictures of wheel wells, wear patterns on the hand hold and any other model building geek things you could think of.  One of my favorites (and I have many) was always the rugged F6F Hellcat.  Well, I have an old Fujimi kit of said warbird that is going to get its Orky on!   And here's a sketch I threw together tonight with a mind to how I might convert her.

From this......


To THIS....

There will be all sorts of fit issues and I know I'll have to widen the fuselage to accomidate a 40k Ork pilot and Orkify the plane as a whole. It should be a real adventure..... and I invite you to join me for it.  

"W-hat's first. 'Boss?!"  you ask?  Getting this goofy, gun-happy bastard....

... and his cockpit built and figurin' how we're gonna fit it all together. That's what! That's for next time. Glad to be back!!!