Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Holiday Greeting

Greeting ya dock monkeys!

Yup, still alive. I've emerged from the other side of the barbed cocoon that is Retail Work at the holidays still in one piece. Lots of changes here at Casa D' Redneck - which I won't bore you with- suffice to say its been a month to forget and I'm moving forward. 

So if you celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, Hannukah or are a dirt worshipping pagan like me and its now the new year, Merry Happy whichever one works.  I Sincerely hope the season treats you and your well and I look forward to getting back at my long neglected hobby within the next week now that I have a finally stable work schedule and life.

If you are embibing this holiday, stay safe, be responsible and have one or two for me. ;)

Sincerely, JF Shand, the one and only Rednekkboss, his long-suffering wife, dog and 4 cats.