Saturday, February 4, 2017

A new day?

I work two jobs. And lately they have gotten the better of me. On the upside, this is the view I get from the morning job... 

On the downside, I am literally going through stretches of 10 days with no whole day off at a time. Partly, its my own fault. I'm the guy who almost never says "No" when asked if I can work an extra shift. Its just the way I was brought up.  That doesn't leave much art or hobby time, though.

I've actually got the next 3 days off (then another stretch of 10 or so with no whole day off) so I'm planning on getting to my hobby desk, if for no other reason than to finish at least (if not al 3 ) Ork pilots.

Just thought I'd drop ya'll a note and let you know I'm still alive.... and to keep a weather eye on this little corner of the interwebs. I'm in serious need of some hobby therapy.

Cheers Yall!


  1. Aaahhh yeah, I well remember that feeling. But at the minute, I have an absolutely excellent work life balance, as they say nowadays.

    So for a couple of up sides - that view is really good, all of that money has to be spent on something (with a little siphoned off to the hobby budget and of course, nothing ever lasts forever, including working two jobs.

  2. Roger that. Hopefully a vacation. That's the plan. My last trip to DC was cut short by a water main break near the hotel. Getting time off from both jobs is the trick now... or I'll just call in from somewhere on I-95 northbound. Going to finally get some hobby time in tonight. Post to follow.

    I've also never been extremely efficient at using my time, that's a hard habit to break at my age. But, lots of cool hobby stuff I want to do this year as well as two comics that I have (actually) been working on. I'm just glad for anyone who has held on and is checking back in. :) Always appreciated

  3. I think learning to say No is one of the most important life lessons you can ever learn! Hang in there though, finding that balance is the key to everything!