Thursday, March 30, 2017

Something Icky this way comes.

The plaguebearers are DONE!  Well, sort of. I noticed while editing the photos that I need a little static grass and bloody drops on the bases, but the models are painted. Here's Two Toed Ted and the gang.

And now some detail shots of the boys...

Some of the backs are pretty gribbly too....

And now, the old and the new together....

And yes, I need a better photo set up. I'm working on that because...(drumroll) .... I'm working on a proper website. Due to a series of events, I've decided to commit myself, put effort into my long languishing home based business as a freelance artist/cartoonist... instead of working multiple jobs.  I still have one part time gig, but the business at home will be my main focus.  What does that mean for this blog?  Probably more posts, because I plan on taking limited model commissions. Plus there will be artwork and comics. I've linked the blog to the website and when I'm ready to "officially' launch it, I'll have a link on the sidebar to the website.

The other quandry concerning the Plaguebearers is that 20 is not a Nurgly number.  So for a nice 21 (divisible by 7) We have a Herald. Plus, it makes an allied detachment. 

I took out the hanging guts in favor of sculpting some along with some other gribbly stuff and a tongue.

And keeping a promise to my Dutch buddy Augustus over at Bolter and Chainsword. Ms Charlotte has made her way to the painting table.  Again... I really need a new photo set up.  I'll start building one this weekend.

 The wings are laid out. The plan is to do a series of washes and some other detailing. Hoping to get that semi-transparent membrane look.

Dry brushed the nasty bits. I want the body lighter than the armor plating, so from this point, it'll be washes and some detailing monotony. But I'm going for a gross,fleshy goodness look.

Cheers Ya'll!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Plaguey is DONE

Finally, I've finished Plaguey. 

It was a fun project. More to come. And I should actually be painting some miniatures.

Cheers Ya'll!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Sure, I could be painting, but I got distracted by some artwork among other things.  Been round and round over a bad tooth for the last couple weeks, which finally came out today. Also prepping to have one less job, though it pained me to leave it. But the energy will will be pointed where it should have been since January, a website, comics and generally taking another shot at being an actual artist.  For those of us that have reached middle age that whole "Ive got 20 good years left in me, what am I going to do with it?" thing can be a real nag.

The humble blog will blog along, hopefully as part of a bigger and better thing. For those with experience building their own website, do ya'll have any experience with Wix, Squarespace or the like?  Lots of my friends are recommending Squarespace.  Any thoughts, gang?

Anyways, back to plaguebearers. I have put some time in on Two Toed Ted's merry band, as well as some reorganizing of the artroom.  But Zzzzz's comment about a comic plaguebearer got me itching to try one out.  I'm not finished coloring him in, but here's what I've got so far.

 First, the ink.

 I kind of did this as an exercise to help me get more and more comfortable with my Wacom.  I did the base drawing with pencil, then a basic ink drawing, scanned it and turned the ink drawing into a grey sketch. Then I did all the "inking" with the Wacom.  After that I dropped in some flat background colors

After that its off to adding color. Originally, I planned on doing something more simple, like what might be on a comic page, but I got carried away.  

At this point, the green skin areas are pretty much done, though I may continue to tinker with them. Still have to do his eyelid, eyes, pimples and guts.

I'm being my own art teacher (takes me back to my student teaching days, but with a LOT less nude bikers and charcoal) by giving myself assignments. The end goal is to be comfortable in the digital realm to work on the 2 notebooks worth of comics I have written. :)

I'll finish this guy up and should have some finished Plaguebearers around the weekend. Then, by the request of my Dutch mate, Augustus over at Bolter and Cahinsword, Ms. Charlotte is next on the painting schedule. :)

Cheers ya'll!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Plague Marches on...

Back to our intrepid plaguebearers.  The lads all have some paint on them. I was sneaking in and doing a bit of brushing here and there over the last week or so, but finally got a few hours to sit and not be bothered last night. When I sat down at the desk I realized I kind of had a step-by-step of sorts sitting in front of me.

From left to right you have the steps I've gone trough so far. On the left is the base color drybrush over the previous steps. Then I work in a 50/50 mix of GW Ogryn Camo and Elf Flesh, maybe some Bleached Bone to lighten it in places. The next thing is a watery glaze in the shadowy areas of GW Gryphon Sepia, picking out the pustules with non-watered down stuff. Then I mix the GW Blood of the Blood God Technical with Druchi Purple and pick out all the icky parts and pimples to get that inflamed, bruised loot.

 Much to my horror and in massive contradiction to my model building sensibilities, I noticed a few things most people wouldn't care about (and I've seen many times int he pages of GW published materials)... like that abdominal seam on #4 (far right) above. This knocks my "street cred" back a bit when I bitch about things like seam lines and the like I see in the books, etc. I know... Its not a big deal. But, its the little things sometimes.

Next step is the trusty GW Althonian Camoshade to deepen recesses, shadows and even the bruising around the pustules. And here they stand.....

What is left is detailing. Pustules, swords, eyes, nurglings (which will be brighter green) runny, nast fouled, bloody stuff and the bases.  But the main colors are laid in.  That brings me to 20 plaguebearers, which is NOT divisible by 7. Since we can't have that... I aquired this guy.

He'll need some green stuff here and there to make him suitably gross. I'm not sold on the dragging entrails, so that might need a re-do. But he'll be sufficiently cool.  I really DO need to fight the urge to get another 20 or so of these guys. While painting this lot, my conversionitis was flairing up badly.

AND, yes... thanks to Zzzzzz, I'm drawing up a couple cartoon plaguebearers, because they are just too much fun. Stay tuned for those.

Cheers ya'll!

Monday, March 6, 2017

More kids....

 Among other things- jobs, artwork, health issues, kittens- that's bit into the hobby time, but there will hopefully be some painting time this week.  In the meantime, here are a couple things I've been spending time on.

First, we finally have kittens.  As well as trapping 3 feral cats from a busy shopping mall. Two of them were pregnant and the kittens were aborted, so there are 8 kittens that won't be born wild, plus any litters those two girls would have in the future. Now we are looking for a nicer area to release them in next week.  My foster kitty, Annie...well, she did this..... 

4 beautiful little kitties who the rescue will find homes for and Ms Annie won't be a baby factory anymore.  We've been at this now for 12 years. Sometimes we feel like we've done it all. But one of the ferals reminded me that I was a bit to comfortable and full of myself and gave my finger a good nomming to keep me grounded. Not the first time, but its probably been 10 years since I had a good bite.

On to human kids. The wife's kindergarten class has expanded some, so she needed a new table sign.  So now, there is....dun, Dun, DUUUuuuuuun..... the YELLOW TABLE! And every table needs a dragon.

Nasty stuff coming, gang. The plaguebearers have had a little work done on them, but not enough to show a real difference since the last time, some light shading and such. I should get more time to work on them this week. Then next week.... ROOT CANAL!  yeah. woo. hoo.

Cheers ya'll!