Monday, March 6, 2017

More kids....

 Among other things- jobs, artwork, health issues, kittens- that's bit into the hobby time, but there will hopefully be some painting time this week.  In the meantime, here are a couple things I've been spending time on.

First, we finally have kittens.  As well as trapping 3 feral cats from a busy shopping mall. Two of them were pregnant and the kittens were aborted, so there are 8 kittens that won't be born wild, plus any litters those two girls would have in the future. Now we are looking for a nicer area to release them in next week.  My foster kitty, Annie...well, she did this..... 

4 beautiful little kitties who the rescue will find homes for and Ms Annie won't be a baby factory anymore.  We've been at this now for 12 years. Sometimes we feel like we've done it all. But one of the ferals reminded me that I was a bit to comfortable and full of myself and gave my finger a good nomming to keep me grounded. Not the first time, but its probably been 10 years since I had a good bite.

On to human kids. The wife's kindergarten class has expanded some, so she needed a new table sign.  So now, there is....dun, Dun, DUUUuuuuuun..... the YELLOW TABLE! And every table needs a dragon.

Nasty stuff coming, gang. The plaguebearers have had a little work done on them, but not enough to show a real difference since the last time, some light shading and such. I should get more time to work on them this week. Then next week.... ROOT CANAL!  yeah. woo. hoo.

Cheers ya'll!


  1. My root canal turned into an extraction. Less expensive and less painful !

    And don't get the nurgle stuff mixed up with the kindergarten stuff - it'll just take too long to explain.

    And the feral cat rescue (well done, btw) was a bit of a surprise.

  2. Still wondering if I should just have them pull the damned thing. Dentists are stupid expensive or dental insurance just isn't all that good. Maybe both.

  3. Dammit, Zzzzzz now you have me thinking about "cute" comic plaguebearers.