Thursday, March 30, 2017

Something Icky this way comes.

The plaguebearers are DONE!  Well, sort of. I noticed while editing the photos that I need a little static grass and bloody drops on the bases, but the models are painted. Here's Two Toed Ted and the gang.

And now some detail shots of the boys...

Some of the backs are pretty gribbly too....

And now, the old and the new together....

And yes, I need a better photo set up. I'm working on that because...(drumroll) .... I'm working on a proper website. Due to a series of events, I've decided to commit myself, put effort into my long languishing home based business as a freelance artist/cartoonist... instead of working multiple jobs.  I still have one part time gig, but the business at home will be my main focus.  What does that mean for this blog?  Probably more posts, because I plan on taking limited model commissions. Plus there will be artwork and comics. I've linked the blog to the website and when I'm ready to "officially' launch it, I'll have a link on the sidebar to the website.

The other quandry concerning the Plaguebearers is that 20 is not a Nurgly number.  So for a nice 21 (divisible by 7) We have a Herald. Plus, it makes an allied detachment. 

I took out the hanging guts in favor of sculpting some along with some other gribbly stuff and a tongue.

And keeping a promise to my Dutch buddy Augustus over at Bolter and Chainsword. Ms Charlotte has made her way to the painting table.  Again... I really need a new photo set up.  I'll start building one this weekend.

 The wings are laid out. The plan is to do a series of washes and some other detailing. Hoping to get that semi-transparent membrane look.

Dry brushed the nasty bits. I want the body lighter than the armor plating, so from this point, it'll be washes and some detailing monotony. But I'm going for a gross,fleshy goodness look.

Cheers Ya'll!

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