Monday, April 24, 2017

From the Workbench: The Sons of DOOooom.

I'm on vacation.... or staycation, to be more precise. One of the projects will be overhauling the art/hobby room. New furniture and a new layout.  So, while rifling around through the clutter I got a little squirrely and finished up one of the creeps that had been sitting on my desk. This got me thinking about my Nurgly guard army....well, that and a bits order I just made from Poland.

The gun creep, like the old radio creeps can be used as stub gunners for cultists or as heavy bolters in a weapons crew for the Guard army.  So here's number 1

I had another guy started a while back, so I got to work on him as well. He still has a ways to go, but here's the start.

Another thing that has been bugging me for a while, was what to do with my Nurgle Blight Knights. I've toyed with everything from plague marines to terminators to obliterators.  After doing my Warpsmith. it occured to me what great "special people" these guys could make in the Guard army. Commisars, Techmarines, etc.   So here's the beginning of my first Commisar for the Sons of DOOoom.

I plan on sculpting the arm around the pinned zombie hand and I'll have to give him a side arm and some other 40k stuff... as well as a little custom sculpting.

The overhaul of the artroom starts in a couple days as well as the impending launch of a proper art website. Busy week ahead, but I'll try to get some more hobby in.

Cheers Ya'll!

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  1. Ahh, Ghouls. Such a great base model for so many kinds of converted thingy.

    Lovin' the gun dude. A small (~1mm) cut off of a bit of plastic tube (like a biro refill or somthing) might make the basis for a lense for the gun dude's head.