Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Needs more gribbly.....

Put some time in on Ms. Charlotte and the Warpsmith in the last couple days.  I noticed my faithful pot of GW Althonian Camoshade was getting pretty low (I have about a half dozen others), so I decided to make a pre-thinned pot. The mix came out around 1/3- camoshade/acrylic matte medium/Universal solvant (water).  I also did a 50/50 mix of GW Orgyn Camo and Screaming Skull and did a really light drybrush to pick out all the sculpted details on the fleshy bits on the back, between the wings. This led to picking out a few details on the wings themselves, then a light wash of the pre mixed shade. The upper wing membranes are DONE.  The arms still need some attention.

As for the bit in the middle, I started going into the deeper recesses and places I want shaded with a mix of GW Althonian Camoshade and Druchii Purple.  I usually thin this about half with water, then go with a thicker wash or a second light wash if I want a deeper tone.  Next comes the bloody/inflamed areas.  I have a home brew I call "Bloody Red" which is basically, GW Scab Red, with brown ink, acrylic medium and a little water.  There might be some purple in there too, honestly, I mixed at least a year ago.  Combined in different parts with the other two shades, you can get some really gross, interesting colors that are much less the "spaghetti Western red" of the GW Blood for the Blood God technical paint.

Top is the unholy trinity, with a puddle of gore in front of them.  Below is a comparison of color, tone and consistancy.  My wash is also NOT glossy. That comes later.

So I picked out some inflamed/ bloody areas with the blood wash. Eventually, they will enjoy a little dry brush here a little underpainting there to get my eventual desired gribbliness.  What that is, I can't tell you right now, but I'll know it as it happens. :) I can tell you it will involve more repetition of "wash, drybrush, shade, repeat" than a sane person would force themselves to do. But I gave up on sanity at least 20 years ago.

NOW... on to the as-yet-unnamed Warpsmith.  I decided to read the Codex entry before getting back to work on him and realized the Chaos guys have most of the goodies the Loyalist techmarines do- melta/flamer in the mechandrites, etc.  SO... I tore off the two metal pieces I had and began fabricating some arms from some plague fly bits.   First, every techy needs a chompy head vice. Here is the beginning of his (still very much in progress.)

I used some chainsword blades and motors to make the head. I'll be shaving some of the sculpting down as metal, then kind of move toward the organic. Its likely to be a bit beefier and nasty looking when finished.

Then I added the two other arms, made from smaller plague fly legs, and did some sculpting of tentacles, mechandrites.  Of course, he needed an axe, so I cobbed one together and here he is as he stands.  (still some detailing to do, especially when the vice arm is added)

Still have to bulk out/organify the flamer, which will have a questionable looking fuel source. More sculpting and nastyness on the back to make everything blend in, especially after adding the vice arm. But, there he is so far!

Cheers Yall!


  1. At some point you need to finish poor Ms. Charlotte :-)
    I love the Nurgle version of the Warpsmith! Very thematic but functional.

  2. Great posting, I can see why this blog was recommended to me :-)

    1. Great to have you onboard! You jumped on at a great time if you like Nurgly chaos stuff. I'm in the process of finishing up a backlog of Chaos stuff and filling out/modernizing the Chaos forces I have. If you have time, check out the older posts too. If you like artwork- especially fantasy/sci-fi there's always a sprinkling of that as well and I'll be launching a formal website by months end dedicated to that. Thanks so much for checking out my humble corner of the interwebs!

  3. She's coming along Joe. I spent about an equal amout of time on both projects this week. I'm using a LOT of shades and washes, so its slow going. Very often I'll apply a couple washes and then let them dry before seeing what to do next. You can't always guage how they will look until they are dry. Usually, while waiting I like to have a build project - enter the Warpsmith- to work on as I wait. For me its a great synergy, because you have to switch gears and when you come back to, say, the painting project, you have "fresh eyeballs" since you were'nt painting while it was on the side table. Same reason I prefer a "L" type work station, so I have a sidebar. Glad you are liking the warpsmith. I still have to come up with a name... at least one better than Mr Wiggly.... though that might stick.