Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I did more sculpting than painting since last I posted.  I did, however get Ms. Charlotte's back basically done.  I saved the rusty hoses and such for when I do the other parts, but the fleshy bitz are done on her back. 

On to the Warpsmith. First an in progress shot of the flamer mount and such.

I wasn't fond of the hanging hose and I wanted some more  "gribby meets machine" stuff going on.  Also have some nice fatty looking sacs on the back.  After that set, it was one more two part sculpting session and he is ready for basing and priming! Here's the final result.

I had to let things dry at a couple points and had pre-mixed green stuff, so I worked on finishing my Plaguebearer Herald.

I'll get these two primed in the next couple days and pick away at all the details on Ms. Charlotte's body.  Next week I have a "staycation" which may effect hobby time a little since one of the two projects I'm going to do is rearanging/organizing my art space.  I'm sure I'll find all sorts of cool stuff in there that I've forgotten about. ;)

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Those are absolutely fantastic! ...And horrific! :D

  2. Thanks guys! Disgusting and horrific were two of my goals. :) Glad you are liking this stuff. The focus will likely be on the Templars of DOOooom and their guard army- The Sons of DOOooom for most of the year.