Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It doesn't look like much, but......

One of the things about doing layers of shades/washes is they really don't look like much sometimes.  I tried taking photos of one wash after another before. If they are dramatic, its easy to see the difference, if not its usually best to wait until a couple have dried and shoot them 2-3 at a time.  The process I use on the Nurgle army is one of those "little bit here-little bit there" kind of build up process. Some of the stuff doesn't really show until later on.  My wife told me the other day - now that she can sit in my office while I paint- that I either need to have her help me shoot a video or I need to try a strict logging of the process. I've got a mini about to be primed, so I think he'll be out guinea pig for the latter and see how it goes, before we try an actual video- which would either need 4 models , one t paint while others dry or need some editing. Since that is a place the wife has the technical edge over me, it might have to wait until her school year is done. Luckily, there seems to be a never-ending supply of nurgly stuff that needs painting.

For this weeks progress, lots of mundane stuff. Aside from outdoor projects and other things getting in the way, I have been scrounging around in my "free" minis I got a couple years ago.  I found 20 cultists in pretty good -excellent shape, so they can join the other 20, with minor conversions etc.  The problem areas, which I've seen on some of the bigger minis, is these were basically slapped together with something like gorilla craft glue or the like.  No way to wrench them apart along the construction seems and HUGE gaps in some of the models. The Hellbrute, for example, will take a lot of work... but he'll need a little converting anyways.... right?

On to Miss Charlotte. Now the epic tedium begins.  Her body is a hive of nastiness and details, Ive been hitting the drybrushed areas with washes to get color into all the nooks and crannies.  Right now it looks a bit bland, but you can see where I'm laying in shadows and starting to pick out some details.



Ive started playing with just HOW  I'm going to paint all of this as far as the flow of the nastiness and textures of the fleshy blobs, etc.  Sure, I can slap some color on with drybrushes and feather them a but with washes, but there is ONLY ONE Miss Charlotte, so I really should put in a maximum effort.  I'm sure I'll give myself a couple nightmares before I'm done figuring that all out.

Got some washes done on the Warpsmith as well. Laying in base colors, still a really long way to go, but its always nice to have another model with similar color scheme around when you mix too much of a certain shade,etc. :)

AND, last but not least. One thing Chaos loves (or at least I do) but Chaos lacks is autocannons for your footsoldiers.  I've looked around the web and there are several options.  Not too long ago, I ordered some stuff from my buddies in Poland and went a little crazy with the autocannons. The pieces are beautiful, but they really didn't fit my asthetic like I thought they might, so immediately the thought comes "How can I repurpose these?"  Well, I've been wanting to expand the army into other gods for some time with at least a unit or two and I'd planned on some noise marines converting some grey knight bits.  The body for these autocannons, to me, was a perfect platform for sonic blasters.... and so, the first of 9.

Its pretty simple. Some sanding and cutting down, then 4 styrene rods and a little fill.  Should look pretty cool in the end.  SO... new wicked things to come. Back to my washes for now though.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Ooh I like the sonic blasters.

    Have you thought about stop/action settings on a permanent camera ? Then if you get a catalogue of perhaps twelve pictures an hour, you can just pick out the good ones and delete the ones which are mostly the backs of your hands ?

    1. Good idea! My wife knows our good camera better than I do, but I'm sure it has something like that. I'll look into it.

  2. Cool. I like Miss Charlotte.