Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Warpsmith: Skin and Gribbies.

A bit of everything going on here of late.  Work, household projects and working on The Website have dug into hobby time. OK... I'll admit to playing some Civilization 6 as well.  Most of my efforts have been on the details of Ms. Charlotte's soft parts, which I have painted, then painted over at least 4 times.  I know it should just be the same easy old process, but she's a centerpiece model, so I'm being a bit too artsy/anal retentive. Meanwhile, as a guinea pig, I've been trying a fer different things out on the Warpsmith's fleshy parts, which I am now declaring as done.

One of the harder decisions was how to do all the mechandrites/tentacles.  Do I go organic? Metal? or a mix of both? In the end, it was really the color pallette that made my mind up and went with "wormy".

And on the homefront, you may or may not know my wife and I work with a cat rescue.  We specialize in bottle babies and newborn kittens and have been doing it for over a decade. SO, I have literally raised hundreds of kittens. Of all those babies, we have never kept any of our newborns or bottle babies, except one handicapped kitten years ago. Not to say we haven't had 5+ cats of our own from time to time.  Well, it finally happened. We can't quite put our finger on what is so special about this baby, but it might be how much he reminds us of one of our cats that passed a few years back.  If you believe in reincarnation, he could be a candidate. Meet Groot.

He's cute, but kinda bitey.  He does eat lizards though..... lots of them.  Once you give him a Snickers, he looks like this...

Casa D'Rednekk's Chief Financial Officer OK'd a bitz purchase, so the focus will be on the Traitor Guard, along with the projects at hand. When the parts come in there will be a building extravaganza. I have also made the decision to buy 8th Edition, if for no other reason than to keep the large number of minis I have to build "legal" Eventually, the plan is to sell them, hopefully (for most) within the timeframe of 8th Edition, but we'll see if I can work that fast. Instead, I'll probably be 70 trying to get rid of old 40k minis after GW goes out of business. I tell the wife, I could be spending my money at bars or strip clubs.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. That wormy look is awesome for the mechandrites. And I hope you have lots of snicker bars...

  2. Without the snickers, he doubles as a guard dog. :)