Monday, June 12, 2017

Ahhhhh Summertime.

Summertime. What that means here is that my teacher wife is off for the summer and my creative project schedule is thrown into utter chaos. That hasn't stopped me from spending money I said I wouldn't spend.  Since out summer vacation has died, thanks to various (almost endless) household expenses and scheduling issues, I had some extra hobby $$$.  I got some aftermarket orders in from across the globe, literally.  A bunch of stuff from Victoria Miniatures and Anvil Industries. I love my guys from Poland, but I have to say this stuff is about as close to flawless as one could ask for. HIGHLY recommended if you see something you like on their sites and the service was great. And, I took the plunge, pre-ordering the new 8th Edition boxed set. Its liable to be my last edition, but I'm hoping there will be enough "new edition madness' at the local game store that I might be able to get in some games. Meanwhile, I guess the rules have all been "leaked" online and the online community is abuzz with predictions and new lists, while I sit here and say "Where do you people find all this stuff?"

Thanks to my new resin bits, I was further sidetracked from painting into a construction project for my Traitor Guard army. I've always wanted these guys to be different, so the new resin fit the bill. 
Replacement guns, mostly autoguns so I can used them as cultists too, sniper rifles, special weapons and arms.  I also got autocannons for my marines... more on that later. But here's how some of the guys are coming out so far...

I have a second order in bound, since I fell a bit short and they look so cool I decided to do them all. Many of then still need some gaps filled around the arms and some touch up here and there, before they are ready to be primed. The plan is to get them all ready to go. Prime the lot and then a pretty simple scheme off of the brown primer color.  I'll probably throw in some camo on a few models to help with the rag-tag look and to match the vehicles.

Going to try to get some painting in this week as well, so next update should have that.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Gotta love all that resinous goodness. Although with the weather here, I'm thinking of buying another fridge for the garage to keep it in.

    And you know I always love to see more 'guard' of any flavour.

  2. I just got the rest of my bitz in yesterday. I have RPGs, shotguns and more auto/lasguns. I'm going to get sidetracked by a challenge I've entered on Bolter and Chainsword, but these guys will be the project I pick away at while doing the challenge stuff. Hopefully, I'll actually get in a few games this edition.