Tuesday, July 18, 2017

August Arena Challenge: Next stop, primer!

The build on the Plaguecaster is DONE!  

The "I'm coming to get you" shot.....

And ....because servants of Nurgle are not afraid to go into battle with their ass hanging out.

He'll get primed tomorrow and I feel good about the time frame to get him painted, since my work schedule is back to normal.  OH!  and look at the goodies I found at Micheal's!

Half rounds of various sizes for eyeballs and 96 different gear like things for basing and lord knows what else. Wait until the Ork meks see them!  My wife also asked if I could build an old (OLD) model she had, because she'd like to try her hand at painting again.  She used to play Warhammer 40k (Eldar) and was a darned good painter, but she hasn't touched a miniature since she went for her Master's @10 years ago.  Luckily for her, I've also learned a LOT about building minis in that near decade.

SO....I'll keep you updated on the old Green Knight model. 

LOTs and lots of artwork in the pipe, but the summer "honey-do" list and events at my outside job has made it pretty busy of late. Its almost back to "normal", so there will be art going on as well as a big push on minis and hopefully a battle report or two!

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. The Green Knight !! Ooooh Nerdgasm !

  2. Right!?! That's an old mini. I put most of it together last night and giggled to myself the whole time thinking about all the posts I had seen on 40k facebook sites earlier with people bitching about plastic minis not fitting perfectly.... usually because of simple things like not using the right glue or something.