Monday, July 10, 2017

August Arena Challenge: A slight change in direction.

I've got the whirly gigs done , but after my first skirmish of 8th edition I really need a plaguecaster... and they can't have jump packs, SO.... here's the bare bones of the new guy.

He's cobbed together with parts from the Maggoth kit and Putrid Blightkings, so far.  I'll add some 40k bits , a backpack that is likely to be part of his mutations.  Bunch of greenstuff coming, plus I have to decide on a head. I'm up against my deadline for construction (and a really busy week at work ahead) So I'm giving myself 7 days to finish sculpting and construction so I have time to paint before the end of July.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. He needs a fly head with huge compound eyes.

    I have lined up a goat post for Thursday. :)

  2. GOATS!!!!! Yeah, heavily leaning toward something fly like. I'm going to get eh first bit of sculpting going today and see where that leads me, but I'm leaning heavily on the fly mottif myself.