Thursday, July 6, 2017

The August Arena Challenge: Part 1. Whirly-gigs

Because my track record of actually completing challenges at Bolter & Chainsword is abysmal, I have entered a 2 part, 2 month challenge. The first part is a character model and a challenge against a cheeky Brit named Sagentus.  In all seriousness, B&C is a wonderful community if you haven't checked it out and hobby challenges like this are a great way to encourage creativity, comradery and a great deal of fun.

I'm not sure if I've ever had a marine army, loyal or otherwise, that didn't have a psyker with jump pack.  So, I figured this was a good opportunity.  My initial plan was to make a guy with some sort of wings, who was propelled largely by flatulence. As humorous as that sounds - in a Larry the Cable Guy sort of way- its kind of hard to translate into a model.  I'll likely revisit the idea. The second option, and the one I'm going with marine meets Blight Drone

One of my PC game addictions is Diablo 3. There are these bloated floating spellcaster guys with a chaos star like rack on their back (my search-fu failed me for finding a picture) that I've been wanting to loot for a while. So I'm picturing a gross, bloated slob with whitered legs, kept aloft by 2-3 of those blight drone kind of engines.  So, the big hurdle.... the whirly gigs.

I guess there are several ways to tackle the problem, but I went with a styrene base. There will likely be some sculpting and detailing added, but first I set my ork meks to work on the engines.

An hour or so of backwoods engineering and no small amount of filing came up with this mess.  Points from 1/35 scale tank shells, a ring with a center spar and two props.  It fit together with a little coaxing and cursing. I feel pretty good because I only dropped it on the floor once. But with a little greenstuff after it dries over night, should get it looking sufficiently Nurgly. (Sorry... the photo is a little whited out. Flash... Pics at 3am)

Another one or two to build tomorrow night , then raiding the bitz to start figuring out what the end result might look like.

OH....and Victoria Miniature makes great stuff. While I had hoped I might be done giving them my money for a while, now they are threatening to release these guys.  

That's all for now.  Cheers ya'll!


  1. Oh boy! I have some catchup to do! I've been a blogging slacker! Look at all these posts~!

  2. Goats with AK47's... take my money