Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August Arena Challenge: Done Poxin'!

The 10 Poxwalker conversions are DONE! And with a little breathing room.  I honestly didn't think it was going to happen, especially after being unable to paint all day Monday.  But here's the whole gang!

The look good together. I'm a bit anxious to do some of the stock Games Workshop ones now to mix them in. But since I'll really need a hoard if I ever play them, there will be lots more converted. Here's some close ups. The Pox Orks.

The Pox Cultists.....

The Pox Zombies......

The Pox Tau.....

AND... the Pox Kroots.

That is the first time I've completed not one, but TWO challenges in as many months. I was going to do one for September, but there are some medical things coming up for me and the critters, so I'm sure that will cut down hobby time.  I have decided to tackle my painting backlog through the rest of the year, since we still have 3 more months of hurricane season to deal with and the more dreaded Christmas retail season.  

Normally, I don't do this here, but if you are the praying type, give some for the folks in East Texas.  If you have a few extra bucks the American Red Cross and/or the Houston SPCA can use the donations even more right now.

That's all for now,

Cheers ya'll!

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