Sunday, September 10, 2017

Odds, Ends and Irma.

Well, here in the land of swamps, alligators and Mickey Mouse we currently have us a Hurricane. I figured I'd try to sneak in a post before we lose power and such.   Needless to say, prepping for the storm took up a lot of my time this week but I did start chipping away at the painting backlog.  First up, my Leman Russes.  There are 4, which have been "mostly done" for some time, so finishing them off- as well as camoflaging my Raptor tactical Marines - has been what I've been up to. 

I magnetized some of the weapons options for 3 of the tanks, so here are the ones that needed finishing up.

There were a few odds and ends that needed doing on my Standard Russ.  I added a lascannon, finished the sponsons and added some weathering. This one is DONE.

And this is the next hull I'm working on. Started the detailing process, first layer of weathering. Lots still to do - infected engine tentacles and gribblies, stowage and then ding it up. Then 2 more.  

That's all for now.

Cheers Ya'll


  1. Hummm. I love those models; the depiction of wear on the tanks with the previous paint jobs showing through it absolutely first rate, congratulations.

    I was about to note that the camo scheme was pretty darn close to the raptors scheme. But if they're in the same place then that's quite likely (?) And to be fair, if you've got a great scheme like that off pat, then why wouldn't you ?

    So here's hoping that you don't end up with 'gators in the living room. But if you get eaten, can I bagsie your latest work ?

  2. Glad you like them. I'm trying out some weathering powders along with old stand-by weathering techniques. I probably would have done them slightly different in my scale model building days, but these guys will be handled more, so there's flat coats and fixatives involved.

    At this point the rain is over, but we still have wind. We almost had the living room get wet, but we did some last minute sand bagging. I can now tell you that "borrowing" sand from a sand trap in 40-50mph wind is not easy. But we actually made it through the whole night without any other incident or even losing power. So, I worked on tanks all night.

    As for the camo scheme, they are in the same warzone so they are similar. Plus I have a thing for German WW2 camo, so both patterns are heavily influenced by that. But the backstory it that these are former PDF tanks, so I figured the Raptors borrowing a similar type scheme, especially in color (which matches all the bases all of my armies)would make sense.

  3. Hope everything went well with the cane! Love the tanks!

  4. Yup, we survived unblemished. Very blessed. A couple of our trees took a beating, but the people and critters are all healthy and safe. Somehow we managed not to lose power (unlike most neighborhoods around us)... so I got more tank painting done.