Thursday, September 14, 2017

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'!!

More tanks done.  First, the command tank. If I wanted a tank commander, I'd point to the smiling deamonic hatch. ;)

Cultist/conscript for scale.

"I think you have something stuck in your engine"

The "Beauty" shot. This one has magnetized sponsons and main armament. The guy below has two OLD plasma sponsons, but a magnetized main gun. I can do 2 Plasma Executioners.

One more to go, then the Leman Russ Company is done.  There may be some tweeking to the other 2 tanks I have as well. At the very least new number decals. But that's it for now.

Cheer's ya'll!


  1. So good. I'd not wish more bad weather on you, but boy do I like the results.

    (Only in terms of your hobbycraft, I bet having your state more or less trashed ain't the best outcome ever.)

  2. It was definitely good incentive to get going. Now that the clean up is done I'm still wound up to paint, so I expect to get quite a bit of in-progress stuff finished up in the next couple months.