Monday, October 2, 2017

So many faces....

Got a bit sidetracked from my intended goal to get Ms Charlotte done by this point. Had to nurse an old injury , plus a couple other real world things that got in the way of hobby time.

I have completed all the gribblies on Ms. Charlottes sides as well as the rusty bitz and her lovely eyes.

What is kind of neat painting this long after I sculpted it is seeing all the detail and warped faces in the mix.

Now, on to the carapace.  Once she is finished its on to yet another Bolter and Chainsword challenge.  I have until December 15th to finish a hellbrute, 7 man Plague Marine team and a 6 man Noise Marine team.  So that's what will be on deck.... mostly. You know I can't resist having a couple things going at a time.  I'll probably sneak Ms Charlotte's base in there somewhere too. Hope to have her done in the next couple days.

OH....AND I'm on INSTAGRAM so if you are an instagramer, give me a follow.  My new phone (wife's hand me down actually) takes great pictures, so I'll be posting in-progress and workbench stuff that won't make it to this blog along with other silliness.

Cheers Ya'll!

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