Thursday, November 9, 2017

From the Workbench: The color!

The color basics are laid in on the first squad (plus a couple) of The Corroded.  Another quick conversion for a hooded champion first.

Chopped him up a bit, took off the ugly face. Snipped in a helmet. Then some greenstuff and a plasma pistol. Champion #2 - for the close combat oriented squad- is ready.  Here's the state of the desk....

I decided to go all in on a slightly different rust approach. It cuts down a couple steps on my old approach, but with these models and this paint scheme its a bit more labor intensive because of the details.  So basically, I start with the dark brown I always use and then moved on to these new acquisitions..... (plus the verdigris technical medium)

Overall paint with the Dry Rust, which is not unlike the GW Typhon Corrosion, but a bit thinner and less "muddy" and more "rusty". It dries very,very flat and looks wonderful on its own. Dry brushing or stippling the Rust over it in varied amounts comes up with a really nice look.

It might be my new "go-to". In the case of these particular models, which generally I like, though I'm not a huge fan of non-multi-pose models, do have a bunch of great details, but can be hard to get to once they are constructed.  Sure, you could paint them in sub assemblies if there isn't too much conversion work involved.... and I may do that with some of the close combat squad.  I'm sure I'll complicate the paint schem with detailing, but if one was wanting to do some really decent looking table-top quality models in a not so complicated way, I reeeeeeally, REALLY recommend these Game Color products. Outstanding.  And FWIW.... cheaper than GW.

SO, The Corroded.... rust and verdigris is the order of the day. So the non-rusty parts have a undercoat of game Color Tiny Tin (a wonderful bronze/dark metal base, by the way) then a wash of my dark brown/black to deepen the recesses.  Then I did a wash of GW Nihilakh Oxide. I absolutely adore this product. I'm almost as in love with this thing as much as I am Althonian Camoshade (and the other shades really- they are one of the best things GW has ever brought to miniature painting if you ask me)  I know, the same basic thing can be made with thinned paints, but the formula is perfect.  So here's the base colors....

I'll now go in with and detail the verdigris with some mixed in white and bleached bone.  After that I'll "scrape the verdigris off" with some drybrush or stippling in the more raise places with the Tiny Tin. The end result should be a LOT like the bells on the Malignant Plaguecaster I did.  After that, it'll be doing all the details on the models.

Then, there's this guy.....

I've got 4 Rat Ogres that will be some sort of Spawn.  Sad Spawn.  They just want a hug.

Cheers Yall!

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  1. Sweeeeet - That is a great (albeit disgusting) look!