Wednesday, November 22, 2017

R & R

My annual chance at a little time away is always around the Thanksgiving holiday.  So, if you are in the US (or celebrating some other harvest festival where you eat too much elsewhere).... Happy Thanksgiving.  While the basis for our holiday (the whole pilgrim-indian story) is dubious when considering real history ( "Here! Have some food, since you knuckleheads can't seem to feed yourselves"  "Thanks! Here, have these blankets with smallpox.They are nice and warm. Enjoy the Measels and Mumps too, we are immune.")  I have always seen the root of it - the celebration of the harvest and being thankful for what we have- as the purest of holidays. 

Plus, I always get in some fishing.....

Small, but fiesty groupers were plentiful this morning.  I let them all go with a free lip piercing!

As for the hobby, it always gives me a few days away from current projects so I can look at them with fresh eyes. It gives me time to reflect on the future of my hobby, since  I don't play anymore I'm pretty much a pure hobbyist now.  And it also makes me thankful and humble that people not only like my work, but follow my blog and instagram,etc. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

With the hell that is the Holiday season upon me (my part time job is in retail..... I SO need a new one) my hobby time will be limited, so I'm making some plans for 2018.  Here's the tenative plans, so far.....

  • Organize and roughly catalog what miniatures I have and begin getting rid of some of them.  I'll be posting things here first, because I'd rather see them go to a good home than total strangers.
  • The big sell off.  Stuff likely to go includes : Orks (i'll never build everything I have) Loyalist Marines (Raptors and a bunch of metal minis if anyone wants them) Odds and ends. Planning to keep most of my Chaos stuff though I have a ridiculous amount of miniatures due to free and cheap aquisitions over the years. Bits and minis that can be scavenged are great- but how many do you really need?.
  • Projects I've always wanted to do- but not build a whole army.  Since I am basically a hobbyist if I want to do a couple one off models and not build an army, there's no reason I shouldn't. many of these may or may not end up for sale eventually.
  • Comics.  There is a big push towards artwork. I have started freelancing again as my main job, so I want to do some fun comics to keep the wheels greased and help keep my sanity when I get the odd job that isn't "creatively challenging" (which has always seemed to be about 80-90% of freelance work)
  • The Kunnin' Plan... for personal stuff.  I've always wanted to bring in a "Garden of Nurgle" element to my Chaos army. I think that is likely to be the focus for next year.  I also want to do a "loyalist" badass Marine army ("loyalist" because they aren't going to be nicey/nicey) so - for now, at least- I'm sitting on most of my unbuilt loyalist marines.  The BIG factor here is I have a few "joke" chapters in mind for the comics and once I start drawing, that could change this whole thing. So as I precede forward, the plan as it stands looks like this.....
  1. Templars of DOOooom- Garden of Nurgle Death Guard
  2. Traitor Guard/Chaos Genestealer Cult
  3. Unfinished projects (some already included up above)
  4. Marines?

Later this week I'll take a new look at The Corroded and see whether I want to keep the scheme or trash it. I think I might do a couple test models and post them for opinions, rather than procede with the whole squad. Then its back to Ms. Charlotte who is way too close to done, that she deserves to be finished.... and it will get my mind off my frustration with the Plague Marine schemes.

If you are celebrating the holiday, I hope you have a great one and eat too much turkey. 

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. My god man, surely that's a Cealocanth ?!?!

    Nice to see someone with a coherant hobby plan.

    Raptors eh ? Hummmm....

  2. Looks like a Pike to me. A really small Eco pike.