Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Corroded:

The first of The Corroded is done. Of course it was Poxion, the plasma gunner. I have a thing for plasma guns, which kind of makes 8th edition my "glory" edition.  If only I ever got to play.

And then there's Buboa. He forgot his backpack (still in progress)

A friend of mine shared this picture her daughter took in New Orleans.  Obviously, the gateway to The Corroded's clubhouse there. Great reference photo.

And some gratuitous plugging.  Catch me on Instagram RIGHT HERE . Some more in progress stuff and odds and ends that you won't see here.  You can also follow me on FACEBOOK.   Official website (which is still sort of under construction/constantly being added too) THE WYRDWOOD. Lots to come there. A store for stuff, stories, children's books, comics not actually for children plus pages just in case you want the ol' Rednekkboss to paint or draw something for ya! 2018 is going to be a busy, but exciting year. I'm excited to get back to freelancing after a hiatus.

Cheers ya'll!


  1. Sweeeet. That is a great effect - beautifully done, man!

  2. Thanks! Loving that GSC you are working on.

  3. Looking good there; Not to colourful, not too dark.

  4. I'm a little on the fence about the scheme overall. But I figure I will try to vary the tones in the verdigris/patina areas and see it that makes me like it more. I'm just wanting something different since GW stole my green/rust thing and everyone in the world seems to be doing green Death Guard now. :)