Thursday, February 1, 2018

There is Chaos, then there is puppy Chaos.

Its been pretty eventful lately here at Casa D' Rednekk.  Daenyrs Stormborn (Dany) has brought some much needed vigor into the house, along with a lot of trips outside, terrified/pestered kitties and the chewing.... the constant, constant chewing. On everything and everyone.  She is smart. Diabolically smart. Which is great on the potty training front, but can also get her into trouble. And she is growing at a crazy rate. Tonight, she went for her first nightly fitness walk with me and only made me stop once. (The circle I live on is conveniently 1 mile) Not that it actually tired her out, as hoped.  As you can guess... she is spoiled.

  While "Game of Thrones" Dany is "The Mother of Dragons" our Dany is "The Chewer of Dragons.

Since I'm up at 6am for doggy duty, hobby time has taken a hit.  Well, that and I've spent much of that sketching - more on that soon. With her wings done, I've moved on to layering Ms Charlotte's carapace. I literally spent @ 20 minutes just staring at it and turning the model around in my hands before I decided on a course of action. Then I began with an undercoat drybrush of light green to bring out the edges. Then layers of GW Althonian Camoshade often mixed with GW Druchii Purple.  Some of it was stippled with a fairly worn out old flat brush and here's what it looks like so far.

I'm liking the color and the texture. I'll be doing some more drybrushing to pick out the details, then more layers over that, but this gives you an idea which direction the color pallette is going. More to come.

Cheers Ya'll!

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  1. She's great ! That's hours of your life gone, but you'll do a lot more walking. I used to find myself in the fields near where we live and not know how I got there.

    Oh, nice job with the washes, btw.