Tuesday, May 22, 2018

E Tenebrae Lux VI : Rednekk Raptor Armor

Actual painting is underway. It's crazy , I know.  Raptor armor.... the Rednekk way.

FIRST....the lads have been primed with a WW2 infantry olive, then.......

The paints and their corresponding layers.  An overcoat of Charadon Granite, which has been thinned slightly with matte medium and water.  Then a heavy drybrush of Battledress Green. Drybrush the edges with Gretchin Green and a quick overall drybrush with some thinned Bleached Bone.   

Then its off with the washes (or shades)  Althonian Camoshade in the recesses with a small brush and a little brown or the old Althonian Camoshade/Druchii Purple mix if I really need to darken something.  Here's the end result of that on the LT.

Still have some detailing to do with him, but the base armor color is done.

I got the rude news, I'll be having some shoulder surgery in a couple weeks, hopefully I'll still be able to paint, but I'm going to try to get as far along on this challenge as possible before D-Day. (its actually on June 5...so really D-1) Not sure how much use my left hand will be, but if I can hold a mini with it I'll be able to paint.

Cheers Ya'll.


  1. I always liked the Raptor chapter and their backstory, you have done them justice.

  2. Thanks Phil! They've been one of my favorites for a long time, even when they were blue and yellow in 2nd edition. But I like the more modern practical colors, plus the use of camoflage. Plus they have suited my kind of tactics too in game. Lots more to come. Plus there are also more if you go way back in my older posts.

  3. I like the Raptors as well, and your scheme for them. Your surgery is scheduled for No1 daughter's birthday, so I might be thinking of you then, but good luck !

  4. Thanks, man! And wish your daughter a happy birthday for me. The realist part of me is thinking I'll be a bit more immobile than the optimist part of me. But I'm hoping I can use my left hand to at least hold a miniature, then I could get some painting done. It'd be a great time to dig into my backlog. 2 month off from work will certainly limit me to working on the stuff I already have. :)