Sunday, September 30, 2018

The excitement of batch painting.

SO... I'm just plugging along on the renegade platoon, blocking in basic colors. 

I plan to vary the uniform colors a bit here and there. The color pallette will be pretty close, but I want to make these folks look like they have scavanged armor and uniforms to some degree. In places I'll bring in some of the camoflage from the vehicles.   I got my last bunch of heads in the mail too, so the sergeants are a bit easier to pick out.

The gang got their first field test (as Valhallans with the Imperial Guard Codex) They lost against a combination of Death Guard and Daemons. I even tried out a flyer.  A full battle report will follow.

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Big Guns and Rhinos

First miniature for the Call of Chaos painting challenge over at Bolter & Chainsword is complete/

My Master of Ordnance

AAaaaaand I also finished off this Rhino..... for the hell of it.

More to come.  Cheers Y'all!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Call of Chaos 2018

Another year, another painting challenge. This one is usually hard to complete because of holidays and such, but I'm going after it again.  Even a near miss is still a win when you end up with finished minis.

By December 15, I am to finish this lot....

A Master of Artillery
Harvey-Brent the Chaos Spawn
3 Sentinels
And 3 Squads of Traitor Guard
(a couple of these guys are missing heads, but I just got them yesterday in the mail!!)

In the meantime, I finished up this old Rhino to gift to a friend for his Death Guard Army.....

Lots of painting to do. Not sure how I'm going to approach it, but I'll figure that out today. Hopefully, I can not get distracted by my mail orders this week which are FINALLY on their way.

Cheers Y'all!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Leaner, Meaner Basilisk.

I decided to upgrade the StuG to not only look meaner, but represent the Basilisk.  Here's the old configuration....

Since I never seem to throw anything away, I actually found the old long barrel for the main gun. A quick bit of sanding and gluing and ...BAM!  Long barrel!   Then to paint the camo....

First frame:  Iraqi Sand shapes over the Brown Drab.

Second frame: Chardonite Granite pattern.

Third Frame: Weathering powders and some dry brush to match the rest of the tank.

And here she is in all her glory....

I'm going to play a game tomorrow and I think I'll give the Guard a shot.  They'll probably be slaughtered since I'm facing Death Guard, but it'll be fun to see how the orders work and the tanks hold up. There's also a pretty good chance (if the store has it)... that there might be a couple armigers added to the mix, unless I get really squirrelly and come home with a Baneblade!! :)  So another battle report will be happening soon.

In other news, I have the miniatures figured out for 3 platoons ( 3 squads, plus officer) with a few weapon options.  Still waiting on mail orders, when you might start to see the genestealer cult filtered into the army as well.  I have a couple squads complete, so once I finish off these sentinals I'm going to start working my way through the squads. I hope to get one squad per platoon done and plan on making the squad markings the same color in each platoon. 

One other note. Working on the StuG last night, I realized I have the parts (minus the actual StuG kit) to convert another one, so I skulked around the interwebs looking for a kit.  Another one is likely. So is a Leman Russ Thunderer (Demolisher cannon Assault Gun)  I'll have an Assault Gun Platoon!  :)

Cheers Y'all!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Traitors and more traitors!

I've built a ton of infantry of late. I decided to get the whole army out to see what it looked like and see if I had enough special weapons and the like.  Its bigger than I thought it was. And not with organized.  Since I have the rules/cards etc for the Guard army, that's how I'm organizing it, but the same minis will/could be used with my Genestealer Cult and with the Renegade & Traitor Forgeworld list if desired.  Here's a picture of the gang  (in various stated of construction/painting)

8 Infantry squads (2 platoons), 2 command squads, enough for 2 special weapons squads, extra special weapons for options, commisar, artillery officer, psyker and heavy stubber guys for use with other lists.  3 sentinals. 4 leman russ. 1 Devil Dog and 1 Griffon/Basilisk (Stug)  I have a mail order coming in of arms and torsos and the like, so everyone should be all together soon. I also have 30 cultists that could be used as conscripts. Also have priests and crusaders planned as well as some other goodies.  Plus 20 Stormtroopers(probably) To build there are Ogryn, 2 Valkyries, another Devil Dog and about 7-8 vehicle conversions.   So... its frikkin HUGE.  Eventually I'd like to add a Baneblade or some big walkers, but I'm going to AT LEAST try to get everything built before then.  As a somewhat proud side note..... I really love the way the camoflage on the tanks works at a distance. :)

While I wait for mail orders, I'm going to get painting on a long, long overdue project. The Sentinals.

Been updating photos of painted minis. I've been trickling them on Instagram as I take them and will start doing a couple with each post here too.  Eventually, I'll update my gallery at my website and such.  Might even start taking a few miniature commisions...eventually.  I'd really love to get some of my own backlog done. Just not enough hours in the week between normal life, artwork and miniatures. lately I've been pulling one or two allnighters a week.  Which gets a bit tougher/ more painful as you creep up on the half century mark.

ANYWAYS.... here's Blinky....

AND Mr. J-pox with some of his posse.....

Cheers Y'all!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Renegade Jasons

I've decided on the ballistic mask heads for the bulk of my cultist/renegade army. While I'm waiting for the next mail order to arrive so I can finish building this lot, I goofed around a bit in Photoshop with some ideas for the face masks.

Hand prints, unit markings dabbed on with fingers and the like are the intended look.

I also did some more pictures in the "New Pictures of Old Models" folder, but that's probably for next time, I still have a few more guys to finish up. I'll get some pictures tonight before I base and prime them to show all the scraping, filing and filling that has been going on. Tedious as hell, but the end is in sight...... I think.

Cheers Y'all!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Something New of Something Old.

The monotony of pinning, filing, super gluing and basing continues.  I'm loving the heads from Anvil and have already ordered more heads and arms to finish the army.  The old Forgeworld resin is definitely harder to work with than their newer stuff. Not sure if its from the age or just the material, but I'm glad to have the pinning and that done on all the guys. I have about a dozen more to give arms to. To keep with the look, I'm going to use the Anvil arms without shoulder plates and such, though I have sculpted some torn sleeves on a few as well.  Their heads are a bit small for scale (even with the GW guard heads) but in the grand scheme, they will paint up nicely for , what will likely be a brief existance on the battlefield. But here's a few of the lads for comparison....

Yes, I have MG42's for some of my heavy stubbers. :)

I can never make the right amount of greenstuff, so I try to keep a Chaos Spawn handy. This little fella got some new tentacles... or dreadlocks.... or dreadacles.  I'll keep layering some on and see where it goes.  I have to do some sculpting on Vulture Tim this week.

I've been doing a running inventory on my miniatures and I'm toying with ideas for next year after I move.  So one of those thoughts aside from my ongoing "Wraith, Wrath and Ruin" thing with the Chaos armies is a possible lighthearted Loyalist force made up of squads from differnt chapters and/or a couple patrol level forces of various chapters (I have a shitload of unbuilt and salvagable marines. Its not even funny. And I just can't bring myself to sell them as is)  So one idea that struck my fancy (since I also have the old Astral Claws decal sheet from forgeworld) is to do a "Space Wolf" force with these guys to generate the theme....

There's still plenty of time to mull it over, but those would be seriously cool with space marines on their backs!

Since the glorious discovery of black construction paper I figured I take some new shots of old minis.  So, here they are......






And last, but not least.....

AHNEK DRAGHUL, Commander of the Children of DOOOoom!

That's all for now. Still waiting on some mail orders to continue construction, so I might just break out some paint brushes. Who know!?!

Cheers Y'all!