Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Paint is just a'flyin'!!!

Been painting up a storm. Worked a big event at my part time gig and dealing with The Grandfather's latest blessings of a sinus infection. But, I've taken the Bolter & Chainsword challenge to heart and got stuff done.

First up, Daryll the sentinel!!

And, he has friends......

One of the Missile Teams for Red Platoon.....

For the Camoflage...... On a drab brown base, little blobs of Iraqi Sand, then Chardonite Granite.  See? Simple. Piddly. Time consuming. But, simple.

In progress is another sentinel and the endless infantry.  Hopefully, the lads will get a game in soon too.  Going on a pilgrimage to the Adirondak Mountains and the old homestead toward the end of the month, so I'll see what I can get done before then.  I could be distracted that is the evil of Killteam and my fervant desire to build something instead of paint.  Plus I have an evil idea for a converted Great Unclean One.  Lots of stuff coming down the pike!

Cheers Y'all!