Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Da Kunnin' but Brutal plan.

It might be hard for some to believe, but I'm an Ork Mek at heart.  The whole "Rednekkboss" isn't some much because I'm a redneck (though I was brought up as one..... I'm one of those "know-it-all collige boy" rednecks what thinks theyz so smart")... its because my homebrew Ork tribe are called Da Rednekkz and ...well, I'm their boss. I also love-love-LOVE!!!!! the entire idea/concept of Ork space pirates, so the army- which I tick away at, but haven't played in years- is a mix of Freebootas and Rednekks.  With the new Ork codex and clan rules, I have to make some decisions. 

I'm going to guess the crowd bandwagon will probably be Deathskulls. Hundreds, if not thousands of Ork warbands are likely being repainted blue as I write this, with narry a care for blue daubed Orks in the past.  In their defense, the Rednekks have always favored the blue and the lootin' ways, since stealing and looting broke rusty stuff is as redneck as fishing for catfish. At the same time, the Freebooters ahve been "officially" recognized for their sinful ways, though admittedly- in game turns- the Deathskull clan rules rock over the Freebooter ones.

Its all sort of academic, I have a LOT to do to get the army ready to play and the asthetic is pretty much set. But between pooring over my ancient copy of "Freebooters" and the new book, I was suddenly hit with a crazy , sort of nautically themed idea......


Plus gubbins and crazy mek stuff.... could equal THIS.....

....but with much Dakka and Orks, squigs and grots!!!! Seems there'd be lots of parts laying around if the Orks were able to take a marine drop zone. ;)

I'm not at home for the next few days, but there's likely to be some scribbling and scheming on these ideas, plus a few others.

If you are celebrating any sort of Thanksgiving holiday this week, I hope its a good one. 

Cheers, y'all!!!!!


  1. Well my rebellious American cousin enjoy your thanksgiving.
    The idea of a swamp borne orc force is very appealing and would look great. My only real life comment is that unless this was a swamp battle it wouldn't work as the swamp boats wouldn't be able to cross dry land and foot forces would be unable to cross the swamp. For this idea to work you would need a hovercaft. To be honest real life, science fiction and cool ideas like yours don't work, I'd just go for it. Orky Mekboyz can overcome anything with their `know - what' !!!

  2. Thanks, mate! Much merriment was had and WAY too much food was eaten. Tomorrow, I'm going to go fishing and try to work some of it off.

    I am thinking anti-grav "airboats". ;) I have one un assembled Drop pod, so when I get home I'll see if one leaf or two will work the best. Should be fun converting a couple. And possibly sculpting a couple aligator-squigs.

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