Friday, December 28, 2018

Still alive and sculpting

After a couple weeks embracing Nurgle's gifts over the holiday, I'm finally back in my hobby room. Still, coughing.... but back.  I got some milliput for the "undersculpt on the Greater Deamon thing. I've never used it so I figure I could use it for the form and greenstuff the details over the top as needed. Its pretty neat stuff, reminds me a lot of clay. It will be interesting to see what I can do with it. Its like stone when its hard to.  So here's the basics, so far.....

The battle plan is to use an aluminum foil core, milliput around that and then greenstuff for details. We'll see how that changes as work begins.  Also have a grandious idea for 2019 called "The Army of DOOooom 2.0" which will include a new (and finally finished) painting direction for my Chaos Space Marine army, which might actually get some use. No major repaints, as most of the models are in like stage 1, basic colors. But I'm experimenting with some textured paints, shades and such to get the desired effect.  One thing I have managed to work on while sick was the backstory of DOOoom and his armies, which I'm putting together for this great endeavor as well.  SO....should be fun. 

AND..... does he need another big eye on the left side or is it me?

In the meantime, these dummies are about to be experimented on......

Cheers ya'll!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Mr. Chops and friends....

Not sure why, but he's got skulls and faces in his arm. He's Mr. Chops!!!! So, my wayward Gellerpox mutant has had some work done on his arm, which I'm calling "pretty much done".

AND... I started work on his gaping maw.......  no, not his mum, his mouth......

Just roughing out the shape, but I figure I'll use the belly mouths as a guide. I might put a nose on top, but otherwise he just has a few small eyes on his arm, so far. I might add a few here and there... or I might stick with the mostly blind.  To me that makes him a bit creepier.

Cheers y'all!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Spawns and Pox

After some feedback online about Harvey-Brent. I decided to beef up his claw arm, which looked a bit wimpy. I usually hate to sculpt over something painted, but....

I got my mitts on the Gellerpox Infected sprues.  So, more spawn or the like. Of course, they need a bit of "rednekkin'".  First up, "flyguy"

And, "Cleaver"...

Still have to figure out what to do for a head on this guy. There's also the tentacle guy, who is VERY cool....and needs a great big eye.

Cheers y'all!