Wednesday, August 14, 2019

ETL VII: Fly face

I realized, after my continued in-progress posts on Instagram, that I had been neglecting this space. So to sum it up I have a stage by stage of the current plaguemarine scheme. The rest of the lot for the ETL at Bolter & Chainsword darned close to done, so here's where they are at.

As always, I start with a dark brown base. Its about 50/50 brown/black, thinned a bit with matte medium. I'm using GW Rhinox Hide for the brown and a Mars black craft paint. Its like a heavy wash, not unlike the Contrast paints GW has, but a bit thicker in pigment. I do this over a military brown undercoat. After that I drybrush GW Rakarth Flesh on the ceramite parts of the armor, flashy bits, cloth...anything that isn't going to be dark.

Next, I do a heavy dry brush  with GW Tyrant Skull (Dry) and then a highlight Drybrush with Game Color Off White. (Top pic)

The new thing is the GW Contrast paints. I do the fleshy areas with Guilliman Flesh and the teeth with Aggaros Dunes. (bottom)

After this, I redress any of the fleshy bits with the contrasts. Magos Purple is a nice subtle warm purple for the base color of fleshy bits too, though I don't think there was any on this particular model. I went back to my beloved shades for deepening the colors, here and there. Druchii Purple, Agrax Earthshade, Seraphim Sepia and Althonian Camoshade as needed. I did some yellow, white drybrushing to highlight the eyes and applied Hexwraith Flame. Edged it with Coelia Greenshade.

Then all the armor is hit with a black, thinned in some areas.  I then highlight the dents and edges with Castellan Green. After that comes the Greenstuffworld colorshift paint Martian Green.

At this point I still need to weather the armor, rust up and weather the weapons and finish the base, but they are definitely close. Detailing certain models and fixing a few mistakes will be the finishing touches. But with the Ides of August upon me, finishing this lot by months end is looking great! Which is good, because as much as I like these guys and have a few more models to do for the army, I'm ready to build something... something big. :)

Cheers y'all!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

ETL VII: The First Batch

The first unit is done.  Well, sort of. I meant to do the first 10, but somehow did 9. Tzeentch had something to do with it..... I'm certain.  So, the next 2- the missing gunner and alternate champion- will round out the unit.

I think I have the scheme down now. I've figured out how to cut a few corners and get the results I want and such, so with 6 weeks to go, I think the other 14 plaguemarines are achievable for my paint challenge vow.

Here's the lads!....

More plague marines on the horizon until the ETL Vow is done, then back to the guard and such.

Cheers y'all!!

Monday, June 24, 2019

ETL VII: "White" Ceramite.

I'm working on my Deathguard for the ETL painting challenge at Bolter and Chainsword .

 Decided I'd do the plaguemarines by squad, than tackle the characters.  So, up first the shooty squad.
I'm doing the dirty white ceramite parts. I start with a heavy drybrush of GW Rakarth Flesh. Then a drybrush of Game Color Bonewhite.

Then I wash this with Army Painter Soft Tone....

After that dries, I do some soft detail drybrushes with Game Color Off White and some more shading with GW Agrax Earthshade and GW Contract Wyldwood.

The last bit is some edging and fine"scratching with the Off White. Done.

Next will be fleshy bits and the rust metal trim.

Cheers Y'all!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

E Tenebrae Lux VII

As usual for this time of year, I'm entering the ETL painting challenge at Bolter and Chainsword.

This year's group will be Death guard, to be painted like the last guy with colorshift carapace.  A Malignant Plaguecaster, a Noxious Blightbringer and 20 plague marines.

So, it'll be a plague ridden summer ahead.  Plus, of course, the Thunderbolt.   More on that soon

Cheers y'all!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Traitor-bolt

Working on the Traitor-bolt fighter has begun in earnest. 

 The basic fuselage and where the engines come from....

After a bunch of chopping, filing and cursing, here's an idea of what direction the project is going....

Dryfit.Dryfit.Dryfit.  That's the key to this sort of seat-of-the-pants, orky mek kind of converting. :) 

I had to decide if I wanted to go with a full deamon engine or just a corrupted pilot.  Though some of my tanks have long since eaten/bonded with their crews, I thought since the T-bolt still looked like a plane I'd make the pilot still a plug-in kind of guy.

Had to paint this guy before getting the fuselage together, so I wanted him to look a good deal like my Traitor guard guys.

 And next its on to fitting the fuselage together, gluing in the engines and then beginning the "grimdarking" of the fuselage and engine housing.

Cheers y'all!!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Plague Marine 2.0

I finished the test marine and I'm definitely going ahead with the scheme for the army.  I think he turned out really good.

Cheers y'all!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Test Marine

SO, I blocked a Plague Marine to test my new paint scheme.  While there are still many details to be done, here's the carapace vs the lighter tones and I have to say, I'm in love with it.

As for the next big conversion/kitbash project...... I've been proxying a Thunderbolt fighter in my games with great success. So I figured it was time to build a Nurgly Heretic Thunderbolt..... from a Thunderbolt.

Its an old kit a buddy of mine sent me ....right after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer... so its a bit bittersweet, but he sent me 8 kits, the better ones I'll be building as "serious" scale models, the older kits will work their way into my warhammer armies.  The mold for this kit is one year older than I am, from 1967!!  But, along with corpsified pilot that is now part of the plane and a bunch of other stuff, I'm going to thin down the rear fuselage and put in two rather gnarly engines....

So, this should be fun and a nice little challenge to my engineering skills.  Stay tuned.

Cheers Ya'll!

Monday, May 6, 2019

The Fleshmower and a Big Decision

First, the decision. I've finally settled on a paint scheme for my Deathguard.  Exhibit 1... the Heresy era scheme....

Imagine , if you will, a negative of this scheme. The White ceramite would be irridescent black/green- like on a fly carapace. The green and dark ceramite would be bone/dirty white, the metal trim- rusted Iron.  So that's the plan. Test marine to follow.

Exhibit 2:  A bit of carapace fun with our buddy the Fleshmower and Colorshift paints from Greenstuff World. 

Looking at it straight on, it just looks like black-ish. Turn it in the light and the magic happens.

A little bit closer with more intense light....

The plan for damaged areas is a brown based scar. Sort of like the scratches on this old boy....

It'll be weathered and dirty. Suitably, nurgly.  But... finally, I'm excited about a scheme with these guys, especially since the bulk of my hobby related time this last month has been spent stripping miniatures.

Cheers ya'll!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Nurgle's Blessings!!

Well, I've been sick since the 8th of April.  Hmmmmmm. Maybe I need to rethink my Chaos devotions.  In the interum, I've got these three guys done who have been lurking around my desk. 

First, the "hi ya!" poxwalker and the stickleback cultist......

And finally, good ol' Harvey/Brent spawn......

I have all the rusty parts done on the Fleshmower as well, though I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with the carapace. All of my tests for the dirty ceramite/off white scheme just blend in to the rust too much.  But I'm liking the idea of a dark color. Hmmmm

AND.... another Martha Photoshoot with some detail shots.  :)

Cheers y'all!

Friday, April 12, 2019

The Eyes and.....DONE!!!!

Martha's eyes are DONE.  And so is the rest of her!!!

I started with the Nighthaunt blue-grey, then some lighter tones. It looks white, but there's very little straight white. I actually used really light flesh tones or warm off whites. Then about 3 generous coats of gloss medium...  

And a shot for scale.....

What's next?   The immediate project is getting over this virus/sinus infection I have. Been a week of fevers and general ick, so far. Hmmmmmm, finish a Nurgle project... get blessed. Maybe I need to think about going over to Slaanesh, the blessings might be more fun.

Well, in the warhammer world, there are lots of rank and file guys to finish up for the Traitor Guard AND  I've mail ordered some parts to finish up my two Tiger/vanquisher tanks, hoping to see them soon.  Also have some color shift paints ont eh way, so the Creature Caster Demon is on the short list. Probably the next big model project. Also feeling like giving my Ork army some love to get it up to playable level since I seem to be getting around 1-2 gaming opportunities a month all of a sudden.  Then there is the rehab of my Chaos Marine army and one more Marine oriented "suprise" in teh not so distant future.  Lots to come

Also, if you are one of the folks following my Instagram, thanks SO much for the support and for helping me breach the 1000 follower mark. I've chatted with my wife and she is interested in helping me figure out how to do some videos over the summer. Of course, to complicate that.... I'm hoping to change careers over the summer as well, so that may put all of this hobby frenzy down to a gimpy walk for a while. But.... it sure will help the financial end.

Cheers Y'all!!!