Monday, January 28, 2019

Squad goals.

The first squad of the Platoon is done. I really need to come up with a good name for these guys.
Here's the gun toting squadies.......

And the squad. One shot with the Vox Creep....

One more addition to the painted crew. Sergeant Hollened.  A man of few words, he's not known as a canny tactician, but then again his brain is exposed to the elements.

I feel the need for some sculpting, but I'm sure I'll keep plugging away on the platoon.  Also impatiently awaiting the Genestealer Cult codex, so I can figure out what to do with that army.  The reality that I probably don't need an entire company of infantry for the traitor guard (and most of the models can be used for both armies anyways) is changing the plans I have for some of the unfinished guys. We'll see how it all plays out. Either way, lots of guys still left to paint.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

All of These Traitors Ain't Gonna Paint Themselves....

Oh, the horrors of the hoard army. Well, Imperial Guard isn't exactly a hoard army, but its close. Tons of rank and file, unless you are one of those competitive min/max gits. Done with flavor, you are painting a minimum of 50 miniatures.   My plans for my traitor guard include using many of them as cultists and such for both my regular Chaos armies and my future Genestealer cult.  At present, I'm concentrating on one platoon. 3 squads. And going from there... as we'll see the mutations working their way in.  Of course, I can't do a standard Gene-cult, because...well, its me. Think Lovecraft meets Chaos and has a baby with Tyranids that might be undead.  That would point you in the right direction. :)

As I slog on with this platoon, so far I have the 3 missile teams done.  And now.... the plasma gunners and 2 Sergeants.  First, the hapless plasma gunners.

Honestly, I might have to get some better pics in the future, but the idea is mixed uniforms. Some camo here, olive drab there, khaki. I want them to look "para-military" or at least as if they have scavenged uniforms from the dead or various warehouses. The Forgeworld bodies, frankly, are showing their age. I'd say most of the modern plastic sculpts are better than them on average, plus some slight scaling issues. But, I have around 60 of them, so they'll be working their way into the mixed units.

 Both Sergeants have Anvil Industries Stahlhelm Zombie heads.  The Stahlhelm will be featuring with the more devoted/"elite" troops as I move forward.  One project I've been dreading/putting off is taking the heads off a platoon of old metal Kasirkin that will be getting the Stahlhelms.  That'll be a fun day of clipping and dremelling in the garage.

Here's Sergeant Pickman....

He's still waiting for his dental plan to kick in. Squad markings on the Cadian shoulder pads.  The idea is the red stripe carried over from the vehicles with some white "finger painted" stripes. I repeat the striping on shoulders or backpacks in the squad.

And here's Sergeant Mace Zombie.....

I really like him. Both models ended up with a jumper/onesie type coverall thing between the Forgeworld Torso and the Catachan legs, so I kept it Olive Drab.  I thought about field gray, but I'm thinking of saving that for storm troopers and maybe officers. I'm still toying with doing some WW1 style painted camo on the helmets.  That could happen.  But for now these two are done.  Next, its on to the 24 regular gun toting guys.... and probably some more sculpting, because I'll need somethign to break the monotony. :)

Of course, the speed of the next post will rely heavily on how cool Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is. Hehehe.....

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Templars of Ruin. Musings on Armor.

Space Marine armor is supposedly made of some sort of futuristic ceramic material. Ceramite.  Which is, apparently, white or off-white or the like.  The Death Guard in their original form wore bare ceramite.  Like so......

In nature, most dirt, decay ends up in a range of browns. Browns tend to be avoided by Games Workshop and most miniature painters.  Its not necessarily easy to pull off effectively.  But... I might just try it.  I had the opportunity to take some photos in an abandoned house over my vacation. Critters of some sort- stray cats or raccoons, who knows- have been using the area and for whatever reason, it hit me as "aged/dirty ceramite" at the time.  So, here's the reference photos.....

How do I get there?  My thought process is layers and layers of  stippled inks and/or thinned weathering powders mixed with alcohol.  I'll have to try it on my test model.

The plan is a Death Guard army. The Plague Marines with this sort of weathered ceramite and rusty iron.  Instead of green pads like above, I'm thinking of a cracked, weathered stone/dirty obsidian.

I'm presently working on an overall background of the warp entity DOOooom and his 3 militant arms: Wraith (Slaa-tzeentchy Chaos), Wrath (Khorny Chaos) and Ruin (Nurgly Chaos). Hoping to have that in publishable form by months end, so you'll know the back story that drives much of my lunacy.

Happy New Year , ya'll!