Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Templars of Ruin. Musings on Armor.

Space Marine armor is supposedly made of some sort of futuristic ceramic material. Ceramite.  Which is, apparently, white or off-white or the like.  The Death Guard in their original form wore bare ceramite.  Like so......

In nature, most dirt, decay ends up in a range of browns. Browns tend to be avoided by Games Workshop and most miniature painters.  Its not necessarily easy to pull off effectively.  But... I might just try it.  I had the opportunity to take some photos in an abandoned house over my vacation. Critters of some sort- stray cats or raccoons, who knows- have been using the area and for whatever reason, it hit me as "aged/dirty ceramite" at the time.  So, here's the reference photos.....

How do I get there?  My thought process is layers and layers of  stippled inks and/or thinned weathering powders mixed with alcohol.  I'll have to try it on my test model.

The plan is a Death Guard army. The Plague Marines with this sort of weathered ceramite and rusty iron.  Instead of green pads like above, I'm thinking of a cracked, weathered stone/dirty obsidian.

I'm presently working on an overall background of the warp entity DOOooom and his 3 militant arms: Wraith (Slaa-tzeentchy Chaos), Wrath (Khorny Chaos) and Ruin (Nurgly Chaos). Hoping to have that in publishable form by months end, so you'll know the back story that drives much of my lunacy.

Happy New Year , ya'll!

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