Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Martha is done....sort of.

The construction and sculpting on Martha is DONE!!!! 

 I'll just get to the pictures....

WOW!! What an undertaking this has been so far!  I pushed myself and I'm so happy with the results. It was worth the long hours.... many of which were more than a bit frustrating. I learned a LOT.... and that's always important with these big project.  Next comes the basing and painting.... that will be no small task either.

Meanwhile.... since there was always a little greenstuff hanging around, so one of the Gellerpox guys got some work....

More work on his nose ahead. I'm thinking something along the lines of a bear's nose.... but no eyes. I'm going to have to carve out some more of the plastic, but need all the greenstuff to set first.

Then there are my Demons of Ruin.  Ugh.... I thought this was going to be a great idea. Easy conversions, etc.  Yeah... not so much. Now I have 32 Dryads.

I'm now thinking maybe Plaguebearers might be a better base for what I want to do. On the upside, I do have lots of Dryad branchy parts I can use. But for now, I have to re-think this a bit.

And last, but not least.... the overhaul of the Chaos Marine Army.  The Obsidian Legion of DOOooom has begun to rise.... with this dapper Centurion leading the way....

Heads from Puppet Wars and an image overhaul for my guys.  Of course, they are a bit short compared to him...so I'll have to play around with how many of the older guys I plan to do. If GW wasn't so 'monopose' with the new primaris, I might think aout converting some... but then again, I have a TON of older marines- built and unbuilt.  Slowly, but surely.... many are getting the Super Clean bath as needed.  More on that later.  He IS pretty cool though.....

Cheers y'all!

Friday, February 22, 2019

What a bod!!

Martha's lower body is DONE!!!  Here's the last bit from smooth greenstuff to finish.

After all the scrubbing off of fingerprints, the race to get all the detail in before the putty sets began.
I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Been a few questions on the various media about what tools I use. Here they are....

A cheap set of clay smoothers from Michael's. These things are worth 100 times their weight in gold.  Another cheap set of sculpting tools, I think may have also been from a craft store. The good old purpose cut toothpick and a couple heads from a hobby syringe. I have no idea where I acquired the latter, but I use it for watering down paints. It came with 4 different nibs and I only use one, so the others have been repurposed for making gross stuff. 

Speaking of gross stuff, I put together a drone with my take on a fleshmower.

I figure one more good sculpting session (probably Sunday night after I get done with my weekend job) and Martha will be done.  Then finish up the base and prime her. Then the real fun begins....

Cheers Y'all!!!1

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Workin that Booty!!

Progress continues on Martha's lower body.  One more night's sculpting and it'll be done.

Of course, the beginning is far from pretty.... and loaded with fingerprints. And yes..... I know I could wear gloves to avoid that.

They get smoothed out and greenstuff gets pushed around. Tonight I'm leaning back, listening to music....with a heating pad on my back, because I'm falling apart.  Its not the age, its the mileage.  My rough and tumble first 30 years are paying me back ten fold these days. :)  Still worth it though.

AAAAAaaaaaaaand.... the finished product. Because I was "in the zone" and forgot to take more pictures.

Another 2-3 good sculpting sessions and Martha will be DONE. Got some gribblies I want to do on the base and then its off to paint.  I should be priming her by this time next week.... hopefully.

Cheers y'all!!!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Leg Day

Tonight's mission was to get all of Martha's little feet on her lower body done. Mission accomplished.

I'm thinking I can probably get most of the lower body done in the next two sculpting sessions, so that's exciting. I'll have to finish up her face, some more body details to make the two sections look like they belong together and then the base.  Rather than (literally) years like Ms. Charlotte, this big sculpting conversion could be done in a week or so and ready for paint.  Which is probably good, because I ordered this guys from Creature Caster.

Speaking of mail order. This guy has been wondering around my desk because he's missing something. Something on its way from across the pond.

More on him...and his friends later. 

Cheers y'all!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Dat Bumm!

More work on Martha. The lower front is pretty much done. A real pain in the butt to sculpt in there, a bit I might have thought out better. Also why I tried to get it out of the way early.  Plus I did her tail section....

I also started the first of my "counts as" Plaguebearers. I'm calling them Demons of Ruin, since Ruin is the aspect of DOOM they represent. So they are basically animated bones, leaf litter, dirt, fungus-etc.  Still a ways to go on this guy, but he's coming together. I'm sort of thinking maybe 32 might have been ambitious (or just crazy), but this is the first one, I should be able to streamline the process.

Remember the old "my dog ate my homework" excuse. Well, one of the cats got a hold of the Patriarch I had started for my Genestealer Cult and he's chewed up and missing a leg.  In this case, I think it was fortuitous.  I was just given a bunch of Tyranid bits and came up with a suitablly Lovecraftian take on the head man.

Pretty pleased with the direction this is taking. Its opening up a whole new bunch of ideas for me. Should see my codex in a day or two, then the scheming can really begin.

Cheers y'all!

Sunday, February 10, 2019


I haven't been ecstatic about the face of my daemon conversion for some time. The other night, in a fit of insomnia I decided to go for a do-over.

So, I cut her face off...  and considered eye placement.  Then went to bed.

I mulled it over, doodled a bit and then squished some greenstuff together. 

Then I addressed the head. With a few dozen swear words and some lifted inspiration from a Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual, I ended up with this.  
May I present...... Martha.

This is roughed in, if you are wondering where all the gribbly detail is.  I was having an issue getting the head shape and eye placement right and had mixed too much greenstuff- always better to not mix enough and make new, than mix too much - so it began to get a bit harder to work with than I like for detailing.  I did address the "squareness" of the pooping opening. Its now round and a bit more gross. Its a bit of a bitch to do this level of sculpting with this thing fixed to the base. I'll have to remember that if I decide to torture myself with such a project again.  Otherwise, I'm pleased with the direction she is going in... much closer to my vision.  More to come.

Cheers Y'all!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Battle at Saint Bubba's

"There they are boys!"  yelled Taskmaster Vorgris, lifting his rusted blade across the ruins of the old Cathedral of Saint Bubba. "They claim we believe in a false God! That the Lord of Ruin is only a servant of their God of Decay, when we know he serves a much older god. A pure god!"

"DOOooom! DOOooom!" the platoon yelled behind their masks and rebreathers. Vorgris felt a brief pang of disappointment. Not exactly the rousing cry.... more like a muffled grunt. But the growling of the tank engines nearby was threat enough as the enemy meat puppets ambled forward.

"FALL TO YOUR KNEES, NON BELIEVERS! AND EMBRACE DOOOOOOOM! OR DIE!!" He bellowed across the field.  A resounding thunder of heavy guns was the answer. He looked to their stoic commander, who failed to even flinch as his men grabbed cover. He may have been napping standing up... he did that sometimes.  Heavy shells crashed next to the Leman Russ Punisher affectionately names "Raspberry" by the men. He also wondered where 4th squad was.

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTT!!!!!!!!  Raspberry cut loose on a hoard of shambling walkers. The dust mingled with red and brown mist.  As it settled, a few bits of flesh twitched in the sand.

The last view of a hoard of Poxwalkers. 

I FINALLY GOT TO PLAY A GAME!!!  My Traitor (Valhallan) Guard vs Death Guard. Of course, if I had taken pictures and notes, I'd have a proper battle report, but..... nah.

A rough rundown of the army. I had 4 Leman Russ Tanks, a Basilisk, 3 basic infantry squads, a psyker, a commisar and two commanders. Plus a Thunderbolt fighter for air support. 

Against two Plagueburst crawlers, 10 Deathguard marines, 3 Blight haulers, a psyker, Typhus, 5 terminators and a 2 mobs of poxwalkers.  

Always great fun for me to fight Death Guard since I have an army in the wings, nice to see how hardy they are, etc.  And they are not a push over..

What's left of the Cathedral of Saint Bubba, Patron Saint of Bud Light and Duct Tape, lay in the middle of a scraggly looking forest. Death Guard had the first turn, fired on some of my tanks and killed a few of the guys in 1 infantry squad. My Punisher turned one of the Poxwalker units into paste and bodyparts in the return exchange(with some help from 2 squads of infantry). I put some wounds on the lower Crawler and I'm now a fan of Vanquisher cannons.  My Demolisher in the middle apparently missed practice day at the range, not hurting the Blighthaulers, they in turn destroyed it on their turn, with help from the Lower Crawler.

Eventually I lost all 3 of the tanks toward the top of the board, by games end, plus most of the infantry, but was able to "respawn" one squad (4th squad) who came in and helped finish off the last of the poxwalkers. The Thunderbolt just tore stuff up, bombing and strafing the Deathguard Marines, which were, in turn finished off by the tanks

His terminators dropped in near the top of the board and I was only able to kill 1 of them  by unloading the Punisher. (Damned Disgusting Resilience!!) They killed the One Leman Russ and teamed with the Blightcrawlers to finish off my commander and 2 squads/ The Punisher eventually fell after about 2 turns of massed fire.

Overall, I ended up with 3 more victory points in the end, thanks to timely Tactical objective cards and controlling 3 of 6 at games end. For my team the Thunderbolt was probably the star of the game, only taking 1 wound and trashing the plague marines and one of the Crawlers so the tanks could finish them off.  While his Terminators were pretty awesome, I was really impressed with the Blighthaulers.  They only killed one whole unit, but contributed fire throughout the game to several kills and survived being shot at with only one of their number damaged. (Dammed Disgusting Resilience!!)

The wierd things? Cool things?

I actually rolled good , for a change.  I still can't hit 80% of the time with a missile launcher (we really need to stop buying those from the Ork blackmarket) My normal opponent rolled really bad, for him.....except those damned Disgusting Resilience saves.  If you are rolling halfway decent that saves a TON of damage. I'm excited to actually build my Thunderbolt (instead of using Budgie the StormTalon as a stand in)  That has turned out to be worth it points every game so far.  Masses lasgun fire can be scary.... I'd love to try it against targets I could stand a decent chance of hurting someday. Tactical Objective cards can be fun. The whole addition of the cards into the game this edition is one of my favorite aspects.

That's all for now. I've got sculpting to do. More on that next!

Cheers Ya'll!!

Monday, February 4, 2019

The Thing from The Lake: The Belly Sessions.

I don't have a name for this critter yet, but I'm working on some background. As it stands its a demi-god like entity from a vast underground lake.  The original inspiration for the whole idea (aside from icky Nurgly things) was something I stumbled across in a (very) old sketchbook which contained doodles and notes about a story a friend and I had begun working on in or around 1996. So over 20 years later, I'm taking what had begun as a Dungeon's and Dragons inspired disgruntled Aboleth underlord/lady and stretching out to use as a subject entity of DOOM!!! While NO self respecting Aboleth would ever be subject to anyone, in the 40k Universe all deamonic entities answer or at least owe fealty to something. It may even turn out to be DOOM's chosen"left hand" the Hand of Ruin. An idea I'm starting to like. If you are a bit confused.... hang on, big reveals coming soon. Crazy non-canon background for the Cults of DOOooom!! is on the horizon..... once I can get past my fear of people hating my writing and have my "editor in chief" (the aforementioned old friend) take a look at it with a non-fanboy eye.

Sculpting this beasty will involve layers. Basically, mixing a chunk of greenstuff the size of my last pinky digit and applying it to model. Usually, I'll stop there for that session, because I have a TERRIBLE habit if putting a finger in stuff I've sculpted previously, if I try to do too much at a time. 

Without further ado.... the first sessions work.

The front. Or as my wife called it , "the fore-anus ", though its more like a birthing canal... but, ya know, Nurgle.  I have some sketches and a vision in my head, but like most of these kind of projects, the thing seems to be coming together in a very organic fashion. Little happy accidents and sparks of insanity or flourishes of a sculpting tool, just come to life.  My wife was in the room before she went to bed and I was explaining my madness. She called me the Bob Ross of gross greenstuff sculpting and said I needed to do videos. She thought it was a great idea until I told her she'd have to shoot them and help me edit them.

On to the side...

I'd kind of hoped to get in some more of the gribbly detailing done, but the greenstuff was starting to set up a bit too much for that. I did get some good stuff on the second "leg", but the big goal was to get two of the toes in tonight . I was pretty pleased initially with the arm coming out of the gut, but after taking the pics..... I'm kinda loving it. :)

the overall goal is to get this one done in weeks, rather than years. I've set some tenative goals, but I refuse to rush the sculpting too. This will be the centerpiece of 2-3 armies. Basically, ALL the armies I intend on keeping for any length of time.... with the possible exception of "loyalist' marines. So, its important to me to do it right.

BY THE WAY..... if you are in the continental US and looking for ORKS or are interested in the self torture that is stripping minis, I have a TON of chaos miniatures I acquired a while back that still need stripping .

ORKS: I have a ton of bitz and unbuilt boys, bikes, a trukk or two, killer Kans, not sure how many Deffkopptas (@9 or so... they need a little help, I got most of them from a friend and they were put together by a 12 year old)  and a bunch of bits. They fill a milk crate right now.  I also have some painted stuff I was planning to E-bay, but could entertain selling those to the right home

CHAOS: Honestly, I'm not sure how many minis. They were poorly/sparsely painted and need stripping.  There is the better part of a gallon ziplock bag full. If anyone is willing to take them and put the work in, I'd love to see them go.  Probably a few other goodies in there too.

As much as my wife would hate it, I'd be happy to part with this stuff for cash or in kits.  So, if interested drop me a line. Prefer to get the orks off as one big package rather than piecemeal.
Send me a note if you are interested..... jfshand68@gmail.com 

Cheer's Y'all!!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

From the workbench: Undersculpt

Using Milliput, I have roughed out the body for the Great Unclean One. There will be greenstuff sculpted on top of this, but you get an idea of the body shape.

Lots more sculpting and horns and such to add, so this project is only beginning.  Unlike other projects I'm hoping to count the completion in months vs years. ;)

Here's a close-up of the nasty bits coming out of the belly.


A couple other guys hanging around the desk got finished up.

And finally, the Vox Creep got a little upgrade to keep up with the way the Traitor guard army is shaping up....

That's all for now. Plugging along with all the lot, but sure to get distracted by the upcoming Genestealer Cult Codex and the latest expansion of my PC gaming addiction, Civilization 6.

Cheers y'all!