Sunday, February 10, 2019


I haven't been ecstatic about the face of my daemon conversion for some time. The other night, in a fit of insomnia I decided to go for a do-over.

So, I cut her face off...  and considered eye placement.  Then went to bed.

I mulled it over, doodled a bit and then squished some greenstuff together. 

Then I addressed the head. With a few dozen swear words and some lifted inspiration from a Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual, I ended up with this.  
May I present...... Martha.

This is roughed in, if you are wondering where all the gribbly detail is.  I was having an issue getting the head shape and eye placement right and had mixed too much greenstuff- always better to not mix enough and make new, than mix too much - so it began to get a bit harder to work with than I like for detailing.  I did address the "squareness" of the pooping opening. Its now round and a bit more gross. Its a bit of a bitch to do this level of sculpting with this thing fixed to the base. I'll have to remember that if I decide to torture myself with such a project again.  Otherwise, I'm pleased with the direction she is going in... much closer to my vision.  More to come.

Cheers Y'all!

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