Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Demler pattern Vanquisher

Throughout the Crixus sector, the Tresorbis Labor/Logistics Conglomerate searches for archo-tech and ancient STC, along with their usual pursuits of providing labor and labor services to all sorts of large businesses, from mining to aquaculture. Due to the sectors frequent isolation by fluxuating warp storms, The Mechanicus on the Forgeworlds of Demler, Volheim III and Xibis have often been given special consideration in using "non-approved" STC for a variety of civilian and a few military designs. The latter only for local use and in "dire circumstances"

Enter the Demler pattern Vanquisher. With the standard Chimera drive train, the type sports a smaller caliber, but extremely high velocity gun, Designed to kill other vehicles and hard points, its overall performance is similar to the standard Leman Russ, though it has a slightly taller profile.

 And the second with genestealer hybrid head......

The construction is done. I may add some rivets or a small but of stowage in the near future, but all the engineering and conversion is over. 

NOW.... on to painting Martha.

Cheers y'all!


  1. Yeah, the Meng World War Toons Tiger 1. Great little kit. Going to use the lower hulls for a multi-role vehicle. And my Orks have expressed their desire for some of their other kits. ;)