Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Nurgle's Blessings!!

Well, I've been sick since the 8th of April.  Hmmmmmm. Maybe I need to rethink my Chaos devotions.  In the interum, I've got these three guys done who have been lurking around my desk. 

First, the "hi ya!" poxwalker and the stickleback cultist......

And finally, good ol' Harvey/Brent spawn......

I have all the rusty parts done on the Fleshmower as well, though I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with the carapace. All of my tests for the dirty ceramite/off white scheme just blend in to the rust too much.  But I'm liking the idea of a dark color. Hmmmm

AND.... another Martha Photoshoot with some detail shots.  :)

Cheers y'all!

Friday, April 12, 2019

The Eyes and.....DONE!!!!

Martha's eyes are DONE.  And so is the rest of her!!!

I started with the Nighthaunt blue-grey, then some lighter tones. It looks white, but there's very little straight white. I actually used really light flesh tones or warm off whites. Then about 3 generous coats of gloss medium...  

And a shot for scale.....

What's next?   The immediate project is getting over this virus/sinus infection I have. Been a week of fevers and general ick, so far. Hmmmmmm, finish a Nurgle project... get blessed. Maybe I need to think about going over to Slaanesh, the blessings might be more fun.

Well, in the warhammer world, there are lots of rank and file guys to finish up for the Traitor Guard AND  I've mail ordered some parts to finish up my two Tiger/vanquisher tanks, hoping to see them soon.  Also have some color shift paints ont eh way, so the Creature Caster Demon is on the short list. Probably the next big model project. Also feeling like giving my Ork army some love to get it up to playable level since I seem to be getting around 1-2 gaming opportunities a month all of a sudden.  Then there is the rehab of my Chaos Marine army and one more Marine oriented "suprise" in teh not so distant future.  Lots to come

Also, if you are one of the folks following my Instagram, thanks SO much for the support and for helping me breach the 1000 follower mark. I've chatted with my wife and she is interested in helping me figure out how to do some videos over the summer. Of course, to complicate that.... I'm hoping to change careers over the summer as well, so that may put all of this hobby frenzy down to a gimpy walk for a while. But.... it sure will help the financial end.

Cheers Y'all!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Martha: Blood and horns.

First up the horns.....

A quick drybrush with the Tyrant Skull, then a thin coat of the Aged bone. Some of the tones showed through, which was what I wanted.  Then, on to laying in successively lighter shades of aged bone.

After that an overall wash of Army painter Soft Tone. I love this stuff. It leaves a great finish and a nice subtle wash.

Picked out some shadows near the bottom, mostly with Earthshade. I might have added a little Druchii Violet to darken some of it.

On to the bloody parts.  GW Blood for the Blood God and a bit of Druchii Violet for depth, sometimes a little Althonian Camoshade to brown it up a bit.

And some running sores on the body.....

The eyes were next. I attacked it with some zeal, thinking I might spread a few around the body and hated it.... so now I have to spend some time repainting tonight. But the new plan is to go spooky, milky white blind. And just stick to 3.....

Cheers y'all!