Monday, May 6, 2019

The Fleshmower and a Big Decision

First, the decision. I've finally settled on a paint scheme for my Deathguard.  Exhibit 1... the Heresy era scheme....

Imagine , if you will, a negative of this scheme. The White ceramite would be irridescent black/green- like on a fly carapace. The green and dark ceramite would be bone/dirty white, the metal trim- rusted Iron.  So that's the plan. Test marine to follow.

Exhibit 2:  A bit of carapace fun with our buddy the Fleshmower and Colorshift paints from Greenstuff World. 

Looking at it straight on, it just looks like black-ish. Turn it in the light and the magic happens.

A little bit closer with more intense light....

The plan for damaged areas is a brown based scar. Sort of like the scratches on this old boy....

It'll be weathered and dirty. Suitably, nurgly.  But... finally, I'm excited about a scheme with these guys, especially since the bulk of my hobby related time this last month has been spent stripping miniatures.

Cheers ya'll!!!


  1. Looks good, for a lesser chaos power, that is.

  2. Oh! Oh!...Shot across the bow!!!!

    Thanks, man! I think it should look really cool with detailing and a bit of weathering.