Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Test Marine

SO, I blocked a Plague Marine to test my new paint scheme.  While there are still many details to be done, here's the carapace vs the lighter tones and I have to say, I'm in love with it.

As for the next big conversion/kitbash project...... I've been proxying a Thunderbolt fighter in my games with great success. So I figured it was time to build a Nurgly Heretic Thunderbolt..... from a Thunderbolt.

Its an old kit a buddy of mine sent me ....right after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer... so its a bit bittersweet, but he sent me 8 kits, the better ones I'll be building as "serious" scale models, the older kits will work their way into my warhammer armies.  The mold for this kit is one year older than I am, from 1967!!  But, along with corpsified pilot that is now part of the plane and a bunch of other stuff, I'm going to thin down the rear fuselage and put in two rather gnarly engines....

So, this should be fun and a nice little challenge to my engineering skills.  Stay tuned.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. I like the new marine paint scheme which I'm looking forward to seeing finished.The Thunderbolt as a 40 K flyer, you have your work cut out for you but having seen your older conversions I'm hopeful it will be brilliant.
    You need a pallet cleanser by the way so for a change of theme leave all the puss, boils, decay and rot behind. Think `bunny ears', think, chain axes, think singing while you slaughter, think Khorne !!!!!

  2. I am planning a Berserker Squad, so you'll get your wish in the not too distant future, plus a vanilla Chaos Marine army. Some Orks...and maybe.... just maybe some loyalist marines. Lots to do in the future.

  3. I think a vanilla chaos spaze murheen army is actually Tabasco rather than vanilla.

    But pulling up a chair to see how the T-bolt goes.

    (Shit you're old...)