Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Traitor-bolt

Working on the Traitor-bolt fighter has begun in earnest. 

 The basic fuselage and where the engines come from....

After a bunch of chopping, filing and cursing, here's an idea of what direction the project is going....

Dryfit.Dryfit.Dryfit.  That's the key to this sort of seat-of-the-pants, orky mek kind of converting. :) 

I had to decide if I wanted to go with a full deamon engine or just a corrupted pilot.  Though some of my tanks have long since eaten/bonded with their crews, I thought since the T-bolt still looked like a plane I'd make the pilot still a plug-in kind of guy.

Had to paint this guy before getting the fuselage together, so I wanted him to look a good deal like my Traitor guard guys.

 And next its on to fitting the fuselage together, gluing in the engines and then beginning the "grimdarking" of the fuselage and engine housing.

Cheers y'all!!

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