Wednesday, August 14, 2019

ETL VII: Fly face

I realized, after my continued in-progress posts on Instagram, that I had been neglecting this space. So to sum it up I have a stage by stage of the current plaguemarine scheme. The rest of the lot for the ETL at Bolter & Chainsword darned close to done, so here's where they are at.

As always, I start with a dark brown base. Its about 50/50 brown/black, thinned a bit with matte medium. I'm using GW Rhinox Hide for the brown and a Mars black craft paint. Its like a heavy wash, not unlike the Contrast paints GW has, but a bit thicker in pigment. I do this over a military brown undercoat. After that I drybrush GW Rakarth Flesh on the ceramite parts of the armor, flashy bits, cloth...anything that isn't going to be dark.

Next, I do a heavy dry brush  with GW Tyrant Skull (Dry) and then a highlight Drybrush with Game Color Off White. (Top pic)

The new thing is the GW Contrast paints. I do the fleshy areas with Guilliman Flesh and the teeth with Aggaros Dunes. (bottom)

After this, I redress any of the fleshy bits with the contrasts. Magos Purple is a nice subtle warm purple for the base color of fleshy bits too, though I don't think there was any on this particular model. I went back to my beloved shades for deepening the colors, here and there. Druchii Purple, Agrax Earthshade, Seraphim Sepia and Althonian Camoshade as needed. I did some yellow, white drybrushing to highlight the eyes and applied Hexwraith Flame. Edged it with Coelia Greenshade.

Then all the armor is hit with a black, thinned in some areas.  I then highlight the dents and edges with Castellan Green. After that comes the Greenstuffworld colorshift paint Martian Green.

At this point I still need to weather the armor, rust up and weather the weapons and finish the base, but they are definitely close. Detailing certain models and fixing a few mistakes will be the finishing touches. But with the Ides of August upon me, finishing this lot by months end is looking great! Which is good, because as much as I like these guys and have a few more models to do for the army, I'm ready to build something... something big. :)

Cheers y'all!!