Wednesday, September 11, 2019

That shine! The Fleshmower nears completion.

Aside from some detailing and finishing off the base, the Fleshmower is pretty much done.  I think I'll be toning down the blood a bit - mixing in some browns and the like, plus drippings on the base. The eye lense and a few other little things need finishing.

And here's what comes out the back end.....

Overall, very pleased as this will set the tone for the last expansion of the Deathguard force- the daemon engines and vehicles. Something tells me I'll likely be adding plague zombies for...well, forever, since they are fun to build and paint.  But there is one more drone, terminators,  3 blight haulers, the mortar vehicle and maybe a land raider and/or rhino, depending on what I can resurrect from the junk pile of recently stripped "free" models I got a couple years back.  I will be adding a couple characters, one of which will be for a "patrol" force add on, so I can fit Ms Charlotte into the game for some much needed air support.

That's the plan as it stands.

 In the long view, I'm planning to depart from Nurgle and challenge myself with new colors for a while. The next (final) version of the rest of my Chaos army will be a Slaanzeetch/Tzeenesh kind of force, with a wraith/ghosty/undead/horror theme. Blues, turquois,ghostly greens, purple and blacks.  Also a 10 man Khorne-Aztec berserker squad and a couple characters. Yup, Aztec berserkers. You read that right.

And then there's the Rednekkz 2.0. My Ork army will rise again.

So with all this planned I'm doing a bitz and kits inventory, getting rid of some stuff, trading some other stuff out, etc. If you are in the continental US and looking for short Space Marines, older metal Eldar models or fantasy high elves, drop me a note. My wife is selling her old army too!!

Cheers y'all!

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