Thursday, May 14, 2020

Quarantine productivity

Lots of hobby time  with two months off.  So, I'll get right to it!!

I've started a small loyalist marine force, since I have a ton of "midget marines" in various states of existance and few Primaris guys too.  But, of course, I couldn't go all royal loyal... even though I had several ideas for homebrew chapters, I've decided to give the Mortifactors chapter a shot for a small force. Look them up, they are pretty twisted and borderline.

This chapter has taken a beating. Their homeworld has been ravaged by Tyranids (yet their orbital base still exists, many online think it was a fluff SNAFU on the part of GW ), they commited the whole chapter to Armageddon, then they somehow were able to commit half the chapter to help defend Ultramar vs Nurgle. Which leaves many questions to me, like.... is Posul, their homeworld lifeless, or just tore up? If it is lifeless (or close to it)...they need to recruit from elsewhere. Obviously, the chapter has taken a beating.  So, I'm thinking they might have a strike force available to put a hurting on someone, but otherwise it seems they'd be looking for new worlds to recruit from and rebuilding their strength. Enter.... the strike force commander, who gets the honorary title for a vengeance force of reinforced company strength, the Lord of Bones (yes, I ripped it off from Game of Thrones.... but it fits.)

Here he is in the work in progress phase....

So, he's based on the Master of Executions Chaos mini. I had originally intended on him being an angry "midget marine" but this guy is Primaris size.  I don't have much for Primaris bits, so I sourced the helmet from the chaos backpack that came with the mini. Raven and blade are from the Warcry Corvus Cabal set and the rest, the glorious GW skulls box. And some painting in progress....

AND.... now the finished product.

I ALSO.... finished up my Biophagus in a very Plague Doctor kind of way....

I also started my version of Typhus and painted a couple other minis, more on that in the next post!!

Cheers y'all!!


  1. That lord of bones is great

  2. The Lord of Bones is great work. The sword is very Doom-esque, love it.

  3. Thanks, guys! Really appreciate it. He's definitely amonst the favorite models I've ever done. Hopefully, I can keep up the quality for the rest of the force.