Monday, May 25, 2020

Rusty Tigers and Murder Hornets.

Work begins in earnest on finishing the Tiger Vanquisher conversions.

Originally, I had in mind the "field applied" paint scheme look.  That has evolved into the "rescued from the scrap yard" look.  My old friend, Dry Rust from Game Color, that served me so well on the Burna Bomber has gone to work on the Tiger.  Here are some progression shots....

 And I've got the commander mostly done......

Then, in the never ending need to create more projects for myself, I looked at these guys a bit...

......aaaaaaaaand came up with this......

Except they'll likely be the older "midget marines"...because I have WAY to many of them.

Cheers Y'all!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Quarantine productivity

Lots of hobby time  with two months off.  So, I'll get right to it!!

I've started a small loyalist marine force, since I have a ton of "midget marines" in various states of existance and few Primaris guys too.  But, of course, I couldn't go all royal loyal... even though I had several ideas for homebrew chapters, I've decided to give the Mortifactors chapter a shot for a small force. Look them up, they are pretty twisted and borderline.

This chapter has taken a beating. Their homeworld has been ravaged by Tyranids (yet their orbital base still exists, many online think it was a fluff SNAFU on the part of GW ), they commited the whole chapter to Armageddon, then they somehow were able to commit half the chapter to help defend Ultramar vs Nurgle. Which leaves many questions to me, like.... is Posul, their homeworld lifeless, or just tore up? If it is lifeless (or close to it)...they need to recruit from elsewhere. Obviously, the chapter has taken a beating.  So, I'm thinking they might have a strike force available to put a hurting on someone, but otherwise it seems they'd be looking for new worlds to recruit from and rebuilding their strength. Enter.... the strike force commander, who gets the honorary title for a vengeance force of reinforced company strength, the Lord of Bones (yes, I ripped it off from Game of Thrones.... but it fits.)

Here he is in the work in progress phase....

So, he's based on the Master of Executions Chaos mini. I had originally intended on him being an angry "midget marine" but this guy is Primaris size.  I don't have much for Primaris bits, so I sourced the helmet from the chaos backpack that came with the mini. Raven and blade are from the Warcry Corvus Cabal set and the rest, the glorious GW skulls box. And some painting in progress....

AND.... now the finished product.

I ALSO.... finished up my Biophagus in a very Plague Doctor kind of way....

I also started my version of Typhus and painted a couple other minis, more on that in the next post!!

Cheers y'all!!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Haulin' some Blight.

"Hey, man. How's it goin'? What ya been up to?"

"OH, just haulin' some Blight. You"

"Yeah, I hauled some yesterday."

The 3 Blighthaulers are done!!  Here's some detail shots

On to the next project. Hope everyone is doing good out there and staying safe from Grandfather Nurgle's latest recipe!  Lots of stupid house stuff going on here in the midst of everything, hopefully I'll get more time to work on the genecult soon!

Cheers, Y'all!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Bio and Blight

Well, I'll start with 3 little Blighthaulers I'm working on.  They are coming along nicely.  Most of the base colors are on and weathering has begun.

AND.... I've ventured into beginning my genestealer cult. Here's my Biophagus in base colors.

We're finally moving in May/June, so I figure I've got until the end of April to hobby as normal, then things will get packed up. I've already started sorting through the drawers of bits and I'm actually boxing up a bunch of kits tomorrow that aren't on the short list.  I'm probably going to chip away at the active paint backlog, but might sneak in a build or two since there are a couple I'm really itching to get to.

Cheers Y'all!!

Friday, January 31, 2020

Rednekkz 2.0: Almost Done!!

Pretty close to done with the Burnabomber.  I decided to seal it with my normal Krylon Matte, but it came out a little shiny.  The next morning, I got the airbrush out and hit it with some Testors Matte .

Before and after the Testors

The only big issue with the flat is that I have to go in and redo some of the metallics and such that need a little luster, which is no huge deal... but still, its painting something again. Otherwise its a great flat coat.

Before and after again

Here's some more all around shots (Before the dull coat) so you can get an idea what she looks like.

This ones a bit shinier than I'd like. I went over some of the rust to get a better look.

I like this view. Underwing stores are next and then its DONE!!!  Planning to take a break and build something before I get to the Dakka Jet.

Cheers ya'll!!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Da BIG Burna Bomba Update...

The painting is in full swing on both Ork planes, thought the Burna Bomba is the focus first. 

I started with my basic approach to most metals on most anything. Undercoat of Brown/black (50/50) then these two guys.... Tinny Tin first.  Drybrushing, stippling, there ya go....

Sometimes I'll hit certain edges with a little silver, like on the end of the main engine , but I've always liked this process as a good base for adding some depth to the metal areas.... without too much fuss.

Also decided there would be some blue and white checks on both planes.  Enter the sharpened Mechanical pencil and a fairly steady hand....

Some fairly careful painting and BOOOOOM!!!! Checks!!  I figure they don't have to be perfect since grots probably painted them. Close is good enough.  By the time the weathering and rust is done, who knows how much will show through anyways. :)

In hindsight, it'd been better if I had finished the white first, but .. it still looks good.  On to phase 1 of the rust/weathering....

I'm going to do these two with just paint (no weathering powders) so I'm relying heavily on Game Color Dry Rust and Rust (orangey) for most of the heavy lifting.  Drybrushed, stippled, smeared and even washed at times. I love these colors.

 The Dry Rust has a flat finish and some fine grit in the paint as well which is a quick way to add a little texture.  I also break out the sponges for the Rust and even some of the original Black/brown or Boltgun Metal.  Its a pretty organic process..... I really need to do a video someday because my descriptions are rubbish.

I seem to be going a bit nuts on the paintjobs on these planes. Not sure if it touched an old "scale model days" nerve or what. I'm enjoying it, but I hoped to be on another of one if my many projects by now. 

From here, its beating the hell out of the plane, more layers, washes,etc. 

Cheers Y'all!