Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Rednekkz 2.0: Prime dem Kans!!

The lads are primed. 

Went with brown, which I'll follow with the "standard" brown/black wash. I left the arms off for painting. 

These two still need some DAKKA!!!!!  I'm scratch building a couple grotzookas for them, so that's next. But in the meantime, they are ready for a wash.

"OI!!  Me arms off!!"

Cheers Y'all!!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Rednekkz 2.0 : Da Killa Kans!!

Entering yet another challenge at The Bolter and Chainsword , I am getting some work done on upgrading and updating (and eventually playing) my Ork army.  First up, 3 Killer Kans!

These are neat kits. As with most Orky things, I have to curb my urge to scratch build, because I'd like to get these guys and the other models I have to do actually done by December 15.  But I would like to make 1-3 more of these guys eventually.  Fun kits... but I'm a bit of a nit picker with seams and such, so I had to break out the green putty mixture (squadron green putty and Testors liquid cement) to fill come gaps and such.  Its OK for Orks to look ratty... but not ratty int he wrong places.

Then comes the fun of scratches, dents and battle damage.....

I went a but farther with the bases as well. Started laying in junk and such, with some acylic Crackle Medium. (shown before and after crackle)

The best part of a scrap laden battlefield is you can put most anything on the base. :)  I seat the crackle with acrylic matte medium, otherwise it chips off. I'll be adding some other bits, then textured stuff and finally some grass and or lichen. 

Cheers Y'all!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Fleshmower is Done.

More pictures.... but its finished.

Next up, a Tri-lobe of Blighthaulers.  Then, something Orky!!

Cheers y'all!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

That shine! The Fleshmower nears completion.

Aside from some detailing and finishing off the base, the Fleshmower is pretty much done.  I think I'll be toning down the blood a bit - mixing in some browns and the like, plus drippings on the base. The eye lense and a few other little things need finishing.

And here's what comes out the back end.....

Overall, very pleased as this will set the tone for the last expansion of the Deathguard force- the daemon engines and vehicles. Something tells me I'll likely be adding plague zombies for...well, forever, since they are fun to build and paint.  But there is one more drone, terminators,  3 blight haulers, the mortar vehicle and maybe a land raider and/or rhino, depending on what I can resurrect from the junk pile of recently stripped "free" models I got a couple years back.  I will be adding a couple characters, one of which will be for a "patrol" force add on, so I can fit Ms Charlotte into the game for some much needed air support.

That's the plan as it stands.

 In the long view, I'm planning to depart from Nurgle and challenge myself with new colors for a while. The next (final) version of the rest of my Chaos army will be a Slaanzeetch/Tzeenesh kind of force, with a wraith/ghosty/undead/horror theme. Blues, turquois,ghostly greens, purple and blacks.  Also a 10 man Khorne-Aztec berserker squad and a couple characters. Yup, Aztec berserkers. You read that right.

And then there's the Rednekkz 2.0. My Ork army will rise again.

So with all this planned I'm doing a bitz and kits inventory, getting rid of some stuff, trading some other stuff out, etc. If you are in the continental US and looking for short Space Marines, older metal Eldar models or fantasy high elves, drop me a note. My wife is selling her old army too!!

Cheers y'all!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

ETL VI: Failure.

The ETL is usually one of the painting challenges I can complete, since its not at the holidays. Well, not this year.  Thanks largely to a hurricane and a double ear infection, (yes, I know....I really have to think about this whole "worshipping Nurgle" thing. The "blessings" aren't that fun).. I missed what looked like a gimme on the deadline.  It didn't help that it looked like we were going to take a direct hit from a massive hurricane at the beginning of the week, then it got dragged out to end up with basically a rainy day here. My prayers (and donations) go out to the folks of the Bahamas.  Check out the Bahamas Red Cross if you want to help them out. They took one hell of a beating from that storm.

Only 5 days late, I finished my Plague marine vow...and here they are....

The Plague Caster

The Blight Bringer or Bellman...

The Champions....

The Gun squad.....

The Close Combat Squad....

A couple of my favorites....

And there they are!  Its nice to have the core of my army painted.  There are some machines and deamon engines to go, so more to come. I also need to get a better close up on the metallic colors shift.  Not sure I'm digging the white background and the new light bulb. I'll have to tinker with it a bit.  So look for that in the near future.

  I've got some work on the Fleshmower done, usually as I was waiting for stuff to dry on the plaguemarines, so here's his current state.

Lots more grossness and detailing to do on him.  The carapace actually plays the light well.  I'll goof around with the camera and set up and get some better pictures of that on the next update, which will be a LOT sooner than the last one, though I am sneaking out of town next week for a couple days... hopefully to get in some fishing while visiting family.

That's all for now! 
Cheers y'all!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

ETL VII: Fly face

I realized, after my continued in-progress posts on Instagram, that I had been neglecting this space. So to sum it up I have a stage by stage of the current plaguemarine scheme. The rest of the lot for the ETL at Bolter & Chainsword darned close to done, so here's where they are at.

As always, I start with a dark brown base. Its about 50/50 brown/black, thinned a bit with matte medium. I'm using GW Rhinox Hide for the brown and a Mars black craft paint. Its like a heavy wash, not unlike the Contrast paints GW has, but a bit thicker in pigment. I do this over a military brown undercoat. After that I drybrush GW Rakarth Flesh on the ceramite parts of the armor, flashy bits, cloth...anything that isn't going to be dark.

Next, I do a heavy dry brush  with GW Tyrant Skull (Dry) and then a highlight Drybrush with Game Color Off White. (Top pic)

The new thing is the GW Contrast paints. I do the fleshy areas with Guilliman Flesh and the teeth with Aggaros Dunes. (bottom)

After this, I redress any of the fleshy bits with the contrasts. Magos Purple is a nice subtle warm purple for the base color of fleshy bits too, though I don't think there was any on this particular model. I went back to my beloved shades for deepening the colors, here and there. Druchii Purple, Agrax Earthshade, Seraphim Sepia and Althonian Camoshade as needed. I did some yellow, white drybrushing to highlight the eyes and applied Hexwraith Flame. Edged it with Coelia Greenshade.

Then all the armor is hit with a black, thinned in some areas.  I then highlight the dents and edges with Castellan Green. After that comes the Greenstuffworld colorshift paint Martian Green.

At this point I still need to weather the armor, rust up and weather the weapons and finish the base, but they are definitely close. Detailing certain models and fixing a few mistakes will be the finishing touches. But with the Ides of August upon me, finishing this lot by months end is looking great! Which is good, because as much as I like these guys and have a few more models to do for the army, I'm ready to build something... something big. :)

Cheers y'all!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

ETL VII: The First Batch

The first unit is done.  Well, sort of. I meant to do the first 10, but somehow did 9. Tzeentch had something to do with it..... I'm certain.  So, the next 2- the missing gunner and alternate champion- will round out the unit.

I think I have the scheme down now. I've figured out how to cut a few corners and get the results I want and such, so with 6 weeks to go, I think the other 14 plaguemarines are achievable for my paint challenge vow.

Here's the lads!....

More plague marines on the horizon until the ETL Vow is done, then back to the guard and such.

Cheers y'all!!