Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Warpsmith: Skin and Gribbies.

A bit of everything going on here of late.  Work, household projects and working on The Website have dug into hobby time. OK... I'll admit to playing some Civilization 6 as well.  Most of my efforts have been on the details of Ms. Charlotte's soft parts, which I have painted, then painted over at least 4 times.  I know it should just be the same easy old process, but she's a centerpiece model, so I'm being a bit too artsy/anal retentive. Meanwhile, as a guinea pig, I've been trying a fer different things out on the Warpsmith's fleshy parts, which I am now declaring as done.

One of the harder decisions was how to do all the mechandrites/tentacles.  Do I go organic? Metal? or a mix of both? In the end, it was really the color pallette that made my mind up and went with "wormy".

And on the homefront, you may or may not know my wife and I work with a cat rescue.  We specialize in bottle babies and newborn kittens and have been doing it for over a decade. SO, I have literally raised hundreds of kittens. Of all those babies, we have never kept any of our newborns or bottle babies, except one handicapped kitten years ago. Not to say we haven't had 5+ cats of our own from time to time.  Well, it finally happened. We can't quite put our finger on what is so special about this baby, but it might be how much he reminds us of one of our cats that passed a few years back.  If you believe in reincarnation, he could be a candidate. Meet Groot.

He's cute, but kinda bitey.  He does eat lizards though..... lots of them.  Once you give him a Snickers, he looks like this...

Casa D'Rednekk's Chief Financial Officer OK'd a bitz purchase, so the focus will be on the Traitor Guard, along with the projects at hand. When the parts come in there will be a building extravaganza. I have also made the decision to buy 8th Edition, if for no other reason than to keep the large number of minis I have to build "legal" Eventually, the plan is to sell them, hopefully (for most) within the timeframe of 8th Edition, but we'll see if I can work that fast. Instead, I'll probably be 70 trying to get rid of old 40k minis after GW goes out of business. I tell the wife, I could be spending my money at bars or strip clubs.

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nurgly skin: Da Rednekk Way

In an attempt to document the process in which I paint, I present the following.  Herr Nurgly Kommisar will be the guinea pig.   First, I prime the mini.  I like brown or rust red primer for my chaos stuff... and most other things.  Just because the brown is about the same value and I cover the whole thing in a dark brown acrylic anyways.   My "black/brown" mix is dark brown, black ink and matte medium.  Its kind of thin, but putting an acrylic base over your primer really helps the paint hold on. PLUS it seeps into all the nooks and crannies and helps shade the model in the long run.

Then the first color I use on the skin. A drybrush of Rakarth Flesh.

I've included my brushes in many of the shots to show you how ratty and beat up some of them are.  Sometimes, that's not s bad thing.  Especially if you are trying to stipple in an uneven pattern or something.   Next I highlight the rough drybrush with some lighter Elf Flesh. In the end product only some of this actually shows through, so its almost a throw away step, but up close you can see the different tones.

Then another highlight of Rotting Flesh.  Yes, I could probably do this in less steps, but layers make richer colors in the end.

One more stipple of a bright fleshy color in some spots.....

....and on to the first wash.

Then for some shading, with another wash...

Then I pick out some highlights with a 50/50 mix of Rotting and Elf Flesh.

Some spot washes with a thinned Althonian Camoshade and pick out some shadows with Druchii Purple.

....then a little green highlight in some spots....

Up next, pustules.

And then we make them look sore and nasty.  I mix Blood for the Blood God with purple shade. For little bloody details, I add a little Gore Red to the mix.  Then pick out the heads on the pimples with the above color.

AND the skin is done.  Next up, the rusty armor.

I've been picking away at all the details on Ms. Charlotte's sides. More on that next time.

Cheers Ya'll!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It doesn't look like much, but......

One of the things about doing layers of shades/washes is they really don't look like much sometimes.  I tried taking photos of one wash after another before. If they are dramatic, its easy to see the difference, if not its usually best to wait until a couple have dried and shoot them 2-3 at a time.  The process I use on the Nurgle army is one of those "little bit here-little bit there" kind of build up process. Some of the stuff doesn't really show until later on.  My wife told me the other day - now that she can sit in my office while I paint- that I either need to have her help me shoot a video or I need to try a strict logging of the process. I've got a mini about to be primed, so I think he'll be out guinea pig for the latter and see how it goes, before we try an actual video- which would either need 4 models , one t paint while others dry or need some editing. Since that is a place the wife has the technical edge over me, it might have to wait until her school year is done. Luckily, there seems to be a never-ending supply of nurgly stuff that needs painting.

For this weeks progress, lots of mundane stuff. Aside from outdoor projects and other things getting in the way, I have been scrounging around in my "free" minis I got a couple years ago.  I found 20 cultists in pretty good -excellent shape, so they can join the other 20, with minor conversions etc.  The problem areas, which I've seen on some of the bigger minis, is these were basically slapped together with something like gorilla craft glue or the like.  No way to wrench them apart along the construction seems and HUGE gaps in some of the models. The Hellbrute, for example, will take a lot of work... but he'll need a little converting anyways.... right?

On to Miss Charlotte. Now the epic tedium begins.  Her body is a hive of nastiness and details, Ive been hitting the drybrushed areas with washes to get color into all the nooks and crannies.  Right now it looks a bit bland, but you can see where I'm laying in shadows and starting to pick out some details.



Ive started playing with just HOW  I'm going to paint all of this as far as the flow of the nastiness and textures of the fleshy blobs, etc.  Sure, I can slap some color on with drybrushes and feather them a but with washes, but there is ONLY ONE Miss Charlotte, so I really should put in a maximum effort.  I'm sure I'll give myself a couple nightmares before I'm done figuring that all out.

Got some washes done on the Warpsmith as well. Laying in base colors, still a really long way to go, but its always nice to have another model with similar color scheme around when you mix too much of a certain shade,etc. :)

AND, last but not least. One thing Chaos loves (or at least I do) but Chaos lacks is autocannons for your footsoldiers.  I've looked around the web and there are several options.  Not too long ago, I ordered some stuff from my buddies in Poland and went a little crazy with the autocannons. The pieces are beautiful, but they really didn't fit my asthetic like I thought they might, so immediately the thought comes "How can I repurpose these?"  Well, I've been wanting to expand the army into other gods for some time with at least a unit or two and I'd planned on some noise marines converting some grey knight bits.  The body for these autocannons, to me, was a perfect platform for sonic blasters.... and so, the first of 9.

Its pretty simple. Some sanding and cutting down, then 4 styrene rods and a little fill.  Should look pretty cool in the end.  SO... new wicked things to come. Back to my washes for now though.

Cheers Ya'll!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dead Inside

You may or may not know it, but sometimes, some poor dumb bastard (or several poor dumb bastards) get the unenviable job of eternal suffering that comes with being part of a Deamon Engine. Granted, some volunteer... others, not so much.

This guy seems to be having second thoughts.

The Warpsmith, Deamon Herald and gun creep #1 are primed, so they will be likely side projects as I plod along on the time vaccuum that is painting Ms. Charlotte.  I also have to do her base, which is likely to show up in the next post or so. I started working on the horns and claws last night, but I may start over as I'm not finding the results gribbly enough so far.   Much more to come.

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Finally! I took a week off. Originally, the plan was to remodel/paint the master bathroom and the front entry way.  Plans change and the wife encouraged me to get after the art room like I have been wanting to for about a year now, I still cleaned out the garage and even took a couple days to hop the ponds and give their residents some exercise, like this guy. And I got My Website up and running. Overall, its been a much needed time to recharge and redirect my energy after deciding to go back to just one part-time job as well as trying to make some $$ as an artist.

 Now, like anyone trying to play an adult, I have my own office.  Well, I had one before, though it was "officially" Jim's Hobby and storage room.  Now its a clean, two work station office for miniatures and artwork. A fortress of solitude... as it should be.  It may not look all that bad (since I forgot to take "before " pictures), but 6 big black trash bags and several pieces of furniture moved in and out later, its about 90% done.  All that remains is the tedium of sorting through various kits in bags and bitz I have as well as organizing my fishing tackle.

 Still need to hang some artwork on those bare walls. The room does suffer from the "this used to be a kinda girly spare bedroom" look with the Peach dresser of DOOOOooooooooom and such. Inside that dresser is pure evil, though All the sorting I need to do lays there and I'm sure it will eventually lead to two more garbage bags and some more space for and eventual organized catalog of bitz and spare parts, some of which date back to last century

The dual work area, from the art side. Space for computer art (still have to scan at my main desktop pc though), traditional art and book reading.  I DO need a better chair there eventually. Its my plan for birthday/christmas time. ;)

A better look at the hobby desk. Ms Charlotte is waiting impatiently for some more love. I'll actually get some painting time in tonight.  I did get a few minis primed.  Since Games Workshop is about to drop 8th Edition (which I'm almost excited about, though I still doubt I'll actually be playing) I'm holding off on any big miniature organizational plans and plodding along with the "finish what you've started" plan.  I'm assuming, other than adding a few minis here and there, GW won't change things like the basic Guard infantry platoon organization or the 10 man space marine squad, so any immediate painting strategies I have are safe. Assuming that to be true.  As for the blog.....

.....this is about half of the miniatures I have to build. This humble blog will not be going anywhere for quite some time.
Top shelf: primers and junk.
Shelf 2: Chaos and things that will be chaos.
Shelf 3: My long neglected Orks, plus a couple boxed sets. Bottom: Scale models forconversion or just building. Some Tyranids and Necrons.  The shoe boxes are bits, aftermarket stuff , bagged models and clam packs and that amorphous two drawed white organizer in the foreground is literally full of Space Marines..... and there's more in the ugly Muave/Peach Dresser of DOOOooooooooom.

FWIW, I Am taking on a limited number of commissions, if anyone is interested. For details, Check out the page on my O-fficial website and drop me a line.

Lots to work on. I have to replace a window in there tomorrow, which was taken out by a golfer last fall, but its definitely going to be a nice environment to work in. Management has told me I DO need one cat bed, at least and or a small piece of cat furniture, because two of the feline denizens of the house do not trust me to work by myself. Compared to there barely being enough room to walk without stepping over or around something before.  I'm really happy with the fruits of my staycation. Now, I'll shut up and get back to drawing , building and painting. ;)

Cheers Yall.