Monday, May 25, 2020

Rusty Tigers and Murder Hornets.

Work begins in earnest on finishing the Tiger Vanquisher conversions.

Originally, I had in mind the "field applied" paint scheme look.  That has evolved into the "rescued from the scrap yard" look.  My old friend, Dry Rust from Game Color, that served me so well on the Burna Bomber has gone to work on the Tiger.  Here are some progression shots....

 And I've got the commander mostly done......

Then, in the never ending need to create more projects for myself, I looked at these guys a bit...

......aaaaaaaaand came up with this......

Except they'll likely be the older "midget marines"...because I have WAY to many of them.

Cheers Y'all!!!


  1. really nice weathering on that turret.

    Nicely inspired murder hornet marine as well.

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